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Sveinn Steinarsson

Iceland for nerds

Because main stream is for suckers

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My Recommendations

Some stuff I like

Image - Nexus
Sveinn:The only comic book store in Iceland. They also have a wide selection of Harry Potter branded wands for some reason
Image - Bíó Paradís
Bíó Paradís
Sveinn:I like it because they serve red wine and show old and weird movies
Image - Kaffi Vínyl
Kaffi Vínyl
Sveinn:Nerds are allowed even if it is more for hip and cool arty people. It is close to Bíó Paradís. A perfect combo!
Image - University of Iceland
University of Iceland
Sveinn:It is simply not impressive at all, but I liked it anyway
Image - Kringlan
Sveinn:It is my local mall and for a long time only mall in Iceland. Good place to observe Icelanders in their daily lives
Image - Álftanes Kaffi
Álftanes Kaffi
Sveinn:Best pizza in Iceland, really! Just go there. Bring money
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Overrated water

Stuff which is not for nerds but you can check it out anyway

Image - Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon
Sveinn:Man made hole in the ground with funny smelling water from the nearby geothermal power plant
Image - Into the Glacier: Classic Tour_38910
$ 149
Into the Glacier Classic Tour | Meet on Location
Sveinn:It is a man made hole into frozen water... really
Image - Snorkel Between Continents In Silfra | Free Photos  _116049
$ 156
Snorkel Between Continents In Silfra | Free Photos
Sveinn:Even more water.. and very cold. If you see a bright light down there, then your are probably dead
Image - Reynisfjara Beach
Reynisfjara Beach
Sveinn:Murderous sea water. A few tourists have died there so be careful... unless you are a total dickhead

Underrated water

If you come to Iceland, then check out our cheap and clean pools

Image - Íþróttamiðstöð Álftaness
Íþróttamiðstöð Álftaness
Sveinn:Funny story: Constructing this pool probably bankrupted the local municipality. It is also very close to Kaffi Álftanes so go check it both out
Image - Suðurbæjarlaug
Sveinn:It is a very relaxing nice outside pool. Somebody told me she saw chickens squawking around but I have never seen it.

Places to pick up hot chicks

Yeah, I really have no idea how to do that... so.. just use some app or something

Wonderguide map

  1. Nexus
  2. Bíó Paradís
  3. Kaffi Vínyl
  4. University of Iceland
  5. Kringlan
  6. Álftanes Kaffi
  7. Blue Lagoon
  8. Into the Glacier Classic Tour | Meet on Location
  9. Snorkel Between Continents In Silfra | Free Photos
  10. Reynisfjara Beach
  11. Íþróttamiðstöð Álftaness
  12. Suðurbæjarlaug

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