Ibiza - The best island for young peopl

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Ibiza - The best island for young peopl

Know the perfect places to visit in your trip to this incredible island!

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The best attractions on the island!

Let's see the most exciting parties in Ibiza!

Image - Ushuaia Beach Club Ibiza
Ushuaia Beach Club Ibiza
heloísa:Ushuaia Beach Club is one of the most exciting ballads in Ibiza. In the summer there's a party, which is organizated every year by the famous DJ David Guetta.
Image - DC10
heloísa:The collest party in the DC10 Ballad is called "Circo Loco". This is an event that happens in an old hangar on the end of a airport's road.
Image - A State Of Trance
A State Of Trance
heloísa:A State of Trance is a party that happens every Monday in the "Privilege Ballad" and it's made by Armin Van Buuren. Fun fact: the local of the party is the biggest ballad of Ibiza.
Image - Elements Eivissa Beach Club
Elements Eivissa Beach Club
heloísa: If you are the type of person who enjoy a more relaxing climate, the Beach Club Elements Ibiza na Cala Benirrás is the perfect place for you! It has great food and an incredible sunshine!
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Where to stay?

If you're looking for the best accomodation in Ibiza, read this!

Image - Sir Joan Hotel
Sir Joan Hotel
heloísa:Sir Joan is an Hotel near to Pacha - an elite ballad in the island - and it's about 15 minutes from the airport. The staff is very attentive and the restaurant has a lot of delicious plates.
Image - 105 Suites - Rental Apartments
105 Suites - Rental Apartments
heloísa:To the people who want to relax in Spain, 105 Suites is the perfect accomodation for them. With a lovely staff, beautiful balcony and free Wi-fi, this hotel is rated with 9.1/10 - which is an amazing grade!
Image - One Ibiza Suites
One Ibiza Suites
heloísa:The Restaurant Essence is one of the reasons that make people wanted to stay there because of their exclusive food made by famous chefs. Besides, the hotel has got a really nice rooftop-bar with a magic seaview!
Image - Hotel Caribe
Hotel Caribe
heloísa:However, if you are a young person who wishes to enjoy the parties, but have a cheap and good hotel to sleep, the Hotel Caribe is a great opition. The price for 1 adult during 6 days is R$2536,00.

Where to eat?

The best bars and restaurants in Ibiza.

Image - La Mesa Escondida
La Mesa Escondida
heloísa:Tipical food, relaxing atmosphere, tropical drinks and more.
Image - Peppers 2
Peppers 2
heloísa:Good for young and fun people, Peppers 2 is a thailand restaurant in Ibiza.
Image - Bebel Ibiza - Seafood Italian Restaurant
Bebel Ibiza - Seafood Italian Restaurant
heloísa:Yummy italian seafood, cool staff, great drinks and wine, delightful desserts and a "Ibiza climate".
Image - Solimar
heloísa:Cheaper option, in front of the beach, tradicional food and nice staff.

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  1. Ushuaia Beach Club Ibiza
  2. DC10
  3. A State Of Trance
  4. Elements Eivissa Beach Club
  5. Sir Joan Hotel
  6. 105 Suites - Rental Apartments
  7. One Ibiza Suites
  8. Hotel Caribe
  9. La Mesa Escondida
  10. Peppers 2
  11. Bebel Ibiza - Seafood Italian Restaurant
  12. Solimar

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