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­čĆľNature & Parks

Here are places I've asked people to recommend.

Image - Patricks Point State Park
Patricks Point State Park
Anjali:Here is one of the responses I asked somebody to recommend "This spot is in a little town called Trinidad and is breathtakingly gorgeous. You can hike along a trail on the side of a mountain that overlooks the ocean. The trail is covered in redwood trees, flowers, and other foliage. There's a little lookout point at the top of one of the peaks and there's a 180-degree view of the ocean. Sometimes you can see sea lions, whales, or dolphins from that point. It's amazing!" -Jimella
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­čŹ▓Food & Drinks

Some of people's favorite places to get food

Image - Arcata Plaza Farmer's Market
Arcata Plaza Farmer's Market
Anjali:"This is the biggest and most diverse farmer's market in Humboldt. TONS of fresh fruits and veggies, homegrown honey, various plants, clothing, food, and more for sale here. The plaza is fairly large and is right in the middle of a bunch of little businesses. I love grabbing a coffee and walking around just checking everything out. Sometimes there's live music and you can bring a blanket and sit in the grass just enjoying it all." -Jimella
Image - Bayfront Restaurant
Bayfront Restaurant
Anjali:"This is my favorite restaurant in Humboldt. It's a Japanese/Italian fusion restaurant. Sounds a bit strange but the food is amazing! I especially love their incredible sushi. They also have a great wine selection and even a teppanyaki table too! The restaurant is right on the pier so if you can, get a window seat so you can watch the boats/ocean while you eat." -Jimella
Image - Arcata Scoop
Arcata Scoop
Image - Brick & Fire
Brick & Fire


Locations you should go.

Image - Minor Theatre
Minor Theatre
Anjali:"My favorite movie theater in Humboldt. It's very small and very old, but so full of charm and nostalgia. They serve you food and drinks before the movie (they even serve beer and wine!), and the seats are comfortable too. Sometimes you have to wait in line to get in but, the whole experience is totally worth it." -Jimella
Image - Bear River Casino Resort
Bear River Casino Resort
Anjali:"This is my favorite place to just hang out on the weekend or for a birthday or special occasion. They have a brand new bowling alley/arcade/laser tag course inside of their new "Family Fun Center". They serve food and drinks (and alcohol!) and they have a birthday party room as well. In the casino, they have a great bar and dance floor with lots of big TVs around to watch sports if you like. The prices are reasonable and the hotel rooms are really nice and modern too." -Jimella

Wonderguide map

  1. Patricks Point State Park
  2. Luffenholtz Beach
  3. Moonstone Beach County Park
  4. Humboldt Redwoods State Park
  5. Redwood Highway
  6. Sequoia Park Zoo
  7. Arcata Plaza Farmer's Market
  8. Bayfront Restaurant
  9. The Lighthouse Grill
  10. Arcata Scoop
  11. Brick & Fire
  12. Roman's Kitchen
  13. Minor Theatre
  14. Bear River Casino Resort

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