huatulco-enjoy the art of living...

Wonderguide by

Linda Carolina Tandi Padilla

huatulco-enjoy the art of living...

where the palm trees touch the sky.

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The best restaurants!

100% recommended to delight your palate.

Image - Che Dieguito
Che Dieguito
Linda Carolina Tandi:ideal to eat Argentine food of good flavor and at a good price.
Image - El Grillo Marinero
El Grillo Marinero
Linda Carolina Tandi:The food in this place is very delicious, here they prepare the best seafood in Huatulco.
Image - Mercader
Linda Carolina Tandi:Without a doubt, here you will find the best desserts in all of Huatulco, especially the chocolate volcano.
Image - Giordana's
Linda Carolina Tandi:The best Italian food in all of Huatulco, especially pasta and pizza, in addition to the atmosphere in the restaurant is spectacular as well as the prices.
Image - los gallos
los gallos
Linda Carolina Tandi:Here you will find an exquisite Mexican food, from pozole to delicious flautas and golden tacos.
Image - Frida's Street Food
Frida's Street Food
Linda Carolina Tandi:Without a doubt, here they prepare the best shrimp tacos that your palate can taste.
Image - Ve El Mar
Ve El Mar
Linda Carolina Tandi:If you want to spend a day on the beach and eat in a spectacular place, this is the one to visit, it has some excellent and delicious dishes that you will fall in love with as well as the wonderful view it has of Santa Cruz beach.
Image - Café Casa Mayor
Café Casa Mayor
Linda Carolina Tandi:Ideal to hang out with your friends, family or by yourself, enjoying a delicious coffee or some dessert, with good live music.
Image - Ricky's
Linda Carolina Tandi:the best place to taste delicious refreshing drinks.
Image - El Cajún
El Cajún
Linda Carolina Tandi:ideal to go with family and friends, to watch games and eat delicious wings, as well as taste good grilled dishes.
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When the night Comes...

Spectacular places to have fun with your friends.

Image - La Papaya
La Papaya
Linda Carolina Tandi:Ideal to go dancing and have a good night with your friends.
Linda Carolina Tandi:A good place to go for drinks and have a good time with your friends.
Image - La Incondicional mezcala y cheleria
La Incondicional mezcala y cheleria
Linda Carolina Tandi:A spectacular place full of good atmosphere, ideal to start the party and dine on delicious Oaxacan tlayudas.


Enjoy these beautiful beaches next to your family, friends or by yourself, where you can swim, walk and admire the beautiful nature that is in them.

Image - Playa Santa Cruz
Playa Santa Cruz
Linda Carolina Tandi:On this beach there is a pier where maritime excursions depart, in addition the waves are very soft and you can enjoy a natural pool.
Image - Playa Arrocito
Playa Arrocito
Linda Carolina Tandi:On this small beach with gentle waves and some shade, which makes it ideal for families, especially those with children.
Image - Playa el Violín
Playa el Violín
Linda Carolina Tandi:It is a small unspoiled beach which is why it is a hidden gem accessible to private guests and the public in general.
Image - Playa La Bocana
Playa La Bocana
Linda Carolina Tandi:Enjoy a perfect beach if you like surfing or swimming in the open sea. It is quiet and beautiful, it gets its name from being near the mouth of the Copalita River.

Wonderguide map

  1. Che Dieguito
  2. El Grillo Marinero
  3. Mercader
  4. Giordana's
  5. los gallos
  6. Frida's Street Food
  7. Ve El Mar
  8. Café Casa Mayor
  9. Ricky's
  10. El Cajún
  11. La Papaya
  13. La Incondicional mezcala y cheleria
  14. Playa Santa Cruz
  15. Playa Arrocito
  16. Playa el Violín
  17. Playa La Bocana

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