Eyjafjörður (Akureyri) - the centre of the north

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Hrannar Þór Rósarsson

Eyjafjörður (Akureyri) - the centre of the north

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Walk around Akureyri

Are you stopping by in Akureyri and want to see and experience the best of the town? I am born and raised in Akureyri so I would recommend you to head over the "Lystigarðurinn" it is a beautiful park with both famous and rare plants, beautiful walking path and lovely coffee house. If you have a car with you I would encourage you to look for "Kjarnaskógur" but that is a beautiful park/forest with stunning walking paths in the heart of Icelandic nature. Also the downtown of Akureyri is full of life, stores, coffee houses and places to sit down and enjoy the life of the town. I encourage you to take a look at the country side, where the true beauty will shine especially when the weather is good and sun is shining.

Image - Blaa Kannan Cafe
Blaa Kannan Cafe
Hrannar Þór:Beautiful cafe with old school furniture. Cakes are delicious and the cosy atmosphere is like nothing else. Hard for Akureyring (person raise in Akureyri) to find a place like "Bláu könnuna" where you can sit down, eat amazing cake drink good coffee and relax with good company.
Image - Kaffi Ilmur
Kaffi Ilmur
Hrannar Þór:Good cafe with all kinds of cakes. I would prefer "Bláa Kannan" myself but "Kaffi Ilmur" is far better located if the sun is shining and you would like to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather Eyjafjörður can offer
Image - Cafe Berlin
Cafe Berlin
Image - Brynja
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Favourite restaurants

Image - Rub23
Hrannar Þór:Rub23 is the perfect place to go out for a nice dinner. With friends or your better half. The food is really good, but little bit expensive.
Image - Icelandair Hotel Akureyri
Icelandair Hotel Akureyri
Hrannar Þór:The restaurant at Icelandair Hotel Akureyri is called Aurora Restaurant. Really nice place to have lunch. Cosy atmosphere, good food and the price is good compared to other places
Image - Strikið
Hrannar Þór:You want to go for a nice fancy dinner? Then Strikið is the right place. Small restaurant downtown on the top floor with spectacular view over the town and fjord. Very good food, and most likely you will not be bothered with noise or the feeling of crowded room
Image - Bryggjan
Hrannar Þór:Your perfect family restaurant. If you are travelling with your kids or want to go for really casual but good food. Bryggjan is the best option. Beautiful view over the fjord

Wonderguide map

  1. Blaa Kannan Cafe
  2. Kaffi Ilmur
  3. Cafe Berlin
  4. Minjasafnið á Akureyri - Akureyri Museum
  5. Motorcycle Museum of Iceland
  6. Brynja
  7. Rub23
  8. Icelandair Hotel Akureyri
  9. Strikið
  10. Bryggjan

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