How to Go Local: Freeport, Maine

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How to Go Local: Freeport, Maine

The Top Local Places to Sleep, Eat, and Play

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Image - Harraseeket Inn
Harraseeket Inn
Melissa:Haraseeket Inn is a Maine Family Owned business known for their hospitality. The Harraseeket Inn is a luxury country Inn located two blocks north of L.L.Bean in the village of Freeport, Maine. Filled with antiques, 23 fireplaces, jacuzzis, and an indoor pool, their 84 rooms, plus extended stay townhouses, include all the amenities any discriminating traveler would expect. Room options include Fireplaces, Whirlpools, Suites and even Pet Friendly rooms! For larger groups, they offer the L.L.Bean Guest House. This recently-restored historic home is beautifully furnished with outdoor-inspired artwork, classic USA-made furniture and comfy bedding favorites courtesy of the L.L.Bean Freeport Home Store. Historic, cozy, inspirational - the L.L.Bean Guest House offers a Vacationland escape like no other. Guests can cozy up next to the wood-burning fire in the living room, enjoy a meal in the dining room, lounge on the couches in the family room, relax on the sun porch and host a game night on the outdoor deck. The guest house features three bedrooms, two bathrooms and sleeps up to nine. The Inn offers an award-winning restaurant, the Broad Arrow Tavern, set against a backdrop of lovely grounds and gardens. Socially Distanced indoor and outdoor seating (seasonally) is available and you will find sanitizing stations throughout the hotel. When you book directly with them, your rate includes a ‘grab and go” breakfast you can pick up in the morning at your specified time and includes afternoon coffee and cookies as well! For a Local stay like no other, make sure to book your stay at
Image - Linda Bean’s
Linda Bean’s
Melissa:88 Main Street. Featuring popular Maine fish, forest and farm foods, Maine milk and beers. They have served over a million of their Lobster Rolls and sell an award winning clam chowder which is thick, flavorful, and full of clams! If you’re craving Lobster Options, look no further!
Image - Linda Bean's Lobster Roll Stand
Linda Bean's Lobster Roll Stand
Melissa:*Local Tip: Across the street next to L.L.Bean is a “to Go” stand for Linda Beans that sell their famous lobster rolls and a few other options. Grab your lobster roll and pull up a chair at one of L.L.Beans many options for outdoor seating including their Hammock Lounge!
Image - Jameson Tavern
Jameson Tavern
Melissa:115 Main Street. Jameson tavern is the Oldest operating tavern in Maine and known for their Award winning Lobster Stew and Clam Chowder. With a long history and stories of ghosts that still haunt the home, this isn’t just a place to eat! *Local Tip: Walk ins only, No Reservations. Happy Hour is 2:30-5:30 daily (check online for changes)
Image - 1912 Cafe
1912 Cafe
Melissa:Located inside L.L.Bean, is the perfect spot to grab a quick healthy bite. They offer handcrafted soups that change daily, fresh salads with locally sourced ingredients and sandwiches and wraps. Offers indoor and outdoor seating. *Local Tip: It can be hard to find because it is located in the back left corner of the L.L.Bean Flagship Store, so follow your nose once you start to smell the deliciousness that takes over your senses.
Image - L.L.Bean
Melissa:L.L.Bean isn’t just a huge store in Freeport…its also a lot of fun! There are tons of places for photos like the Waterfall or the Giant Boot. In summer, they set up cornhole and Adirondack chairs and even have a Hammock Lounge area located by the Linda Bean take out stand. Shopping: Village Station Outlets is an outdoor area filled with tons of shops and huge discounts as well as the shops on Bow, Main and Mill Street. *Local Tip: hit the outlets when they first open to avoid the crowds
Image - McDonald's
Melissa:As strange as this Local Experience is, its quite unique to Freeport…it’s a Macdonalds! Its not just any Macdonalds though, its one you may not even recognize from the outside! The town of Freeport has strict building guidelines and did not want the Golden Arches messing up the aesthetic of the town so to get around it, they built it inside an 1850’s home. With very little signage, you may walk right past it, but inside you can order a big mac and a large fry and have a seat in the living room!
Image - Desert of Maine
Desert of Maine
Melissa:Did you know there is a desert in Maine?
Image - Broad Arrow Tavern
Broad Arrow Tavern
Melissa:With Outdoor Dining and a delicious menu, you will find the Broad Arrow Tavern inside the Haraseeket Inn. *Local Tip: They have Adirondack Chairs in the front corner of their property that is a great place to rest after shopping.
Image - Freeport Village Station
Freeport Village Station
Melissa:Village Station Outlets is an outdoor area filled with tons of shops and huge discounts as well as the shops on Bow, Main and Mill Street. *Local Tip: hit the outlets when they first open to avoid the crowds
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  1. Harraseeket Inn
  2. Linda Bean’s
  3. Linda Bean's Lobster Roll Stand
  4. Jameson Tavern
  5. 1912 Cafe
  6. L.L.Bean
  7. McDonald's
  8. Desert of Maine
  9. Broad Arrow Tavern
  10. Freeport Village Station

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