How cool is Puebla

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Noemí Gutiérrez Ramírez

How cool is Puebla!

Puebla is a wonderful city, you can find beautiful and interesting places. There are many places that because of their architecture have been considered cultural heritage of humanity, as well as others that are historical places. So do not think twice and visit this amazing city.

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Image - Parian market
Parian market
Noemí Gutiérrez:It is an artisan market located in the center of the city where you can find many typical things of Puebla such as souvenirs, talavera, textiles, pottery, ceramics, jewelry, etc.
Image - Parque Ecológico
Parque Ecológico
Noemí Gutiérrez:It has lakes where you can do aquatic activities, courts to play soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, children's games, etc. And it is an ideal place for picnics.
Image - La Chiquita
La Chiquita
Image - House of Culture of Puebla
House of Culture of Puebla
Noemí Gutiérrez:The House of Culture has a bookstore, library, exhibition and conference rooms, as well as an auditorium. It is also important to mention that the House of Culture holds artistic events where dance groups, music, theater, exhibitions, etc. are presented.
Image - Popocatépetl
Noemí Gutiérrez:This is a very beautiful natural place and one of the most visited in Puebla. This volcano is active so access is not possible. However, it is possible to visit a tourist station called "Paso de Cortés" where you can see the volcano up close.
Image - Mercado de Sabores
Mercado de Sabores
Noemí Gutiérrez:It is a market near the center where exclusively food is sold, but not any kind of food, but typical food of Puebla such as cemitas, mole poblano, molotes, tamales, etc.
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  1. Parian market
  2. Africam Safari
  3. Parque Ecológico
  4. Templo de San Francisco
  5. La Chiquita
  6. House of Culture of Puebla
  7. Popocatépetl
  8. Biblioteca Palafoxiana
  9. Museo Internacional del Barroco
  10. Puebla Planetarium
  11. Mercado de Sabores
  12. Estrella de Puebla

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