¡How cool is Puebla!

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¡How cool is Puebla!

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Image - Museo Amparo
Museo Amparo
Nancy Landero:It is a good place to learn and have a good breakst or lunchl. It also has a beautiful terrace. It has pieces of pre-Hispanic art and works of viceregal art.
Image - Historic Centre of Puebla
Historic Centre of Puebla
Nancy Landero:There is a lot of architectural heritage such as the cathedral, many churches, squares, colonial houses and monuments (civil or religious). The cathedral is the most important temple in the city. You can enjoy a good time in the zocalo.
Image - Mercado de Sabores
Mercado de Sabores
Nancy Landero:A great place to enjoy the culinary art of Puebla. They contain approximately 130 local food and products that are regional, you will also find molotes, carnitas, mole poblano, cemitas and many other dishes to enjoy and the typical sweets of Puebla.
Image - Restaurante Tacana
Restaurante Tacana
Nancy Landero:It is a restaurant with contemporary Mexican food, with very affordable prices, the food is very delicious and the staff is very friendly, a quiet and relaxed place.
Image - Cuetzalan
Nancy Landero:It is a beautiful place with Nahua constructions and traditions, in this place the most aromatic coffee is produced, you can learn everything about coffee. It is also one of the places where you can camp, you can practice rappelling, rock climbing or swimming in the waterfalls.
Image - Africam Safari
Africam Safari
Nancy Landero:It is a zoo, it is divided into different areas and you will be able to see a variety of animals, some of these animals are free and others in captivity. Part of the route is done on foot and another by car. It is a two and a half hour tour in which you can feed the animals. It is a good place to meet different animals.
Image - Museo Internacional del Barroco
Museo Internacional del Barroco
Nancy Landero:It is a beautiful place to learn and have a good time with family and friends. This museum makes known the baroque identity through different works, narrating this period of history and the impact it had in different areas. Its facilities are incredible and the guides are friendly and have a good service.
Image - Barrio de Analco
Barrio de Analco
Nancy Landero:It is a traditional place where they sell handicrafts, toys, clothes, furniture, among other things. There are restaurants and food stalls, you can enjoy the typical dishes, fruits, drinks, sweets. You can also walk over the Ovando bridge.
Image - Callejon del Sapo (farmers' market)
Callejon del Sapo (farmers' market)
Nancy Landero:It is a very colorful place, you can enjoy with your friends or family the cafes, shops and antique items, handicrafts. On Fridays and Saturdays you can enjoy music in a bar or cafeteria.
Image - Museo de la Evolución Puebla
Museo de la Evolución Puebla
Nancy Landero:In this museum you can learn a lot about our evolution and what surrounds us. You can visit the four fabulous rooms, you can see and enjoy the representations that planet earth has experienced, in addition there are also themes of global warming, changes in temperature, the human species. It's a great place .
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  1. Museo Amparo
  2. Historic Centre of Puebla
  3. Mercado de Sabores
  4. Restaurante Tacana
  5. Cuetzalan
  6. Africam Safari
  7. Museo Internacional del Barroco
  8. Barrio de Analco
  9. Callejon del Sapo (farmers' market)
  10. Museo de la Evolución Puebla

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