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Hote Pandora Residence

Image - Sheqer Pikant
Sheqer Pikant
Hotel:The two storey wooden villa is ideal for a business lunch, a romantic dinner, a getaway with friends, a family celebration with up to 30 guests and also for a lunch or dinner in full privacy in the private dinning room. In the dome, you may also organize family celebrations, birthdays, or other events. In the warm months you can enjoy the nature and the clean fresh air of the park on their verandas, all day long, while the children can have fun playing in the playground. It is located 3 minutes away by foot from our property.
Image - Sofra e Ariut
Sofra e Ariut
Hotel:It’s a place where you can enjoy the beautiful nature. You can have a quite and a lovely evening because the tables are apart from each other. It’s the perfect place where you can find traditional and modern food. The staff is very good qualified and really educated. All in all it’s the perfect place to go with friends and family. You can find them 5 minutes away from our place.
Image - Grand Park of Tirana
Grand Park of Tirana
Hotel:This large, wooded park is where many of Tirana's citizens head for a bit of time out, whether it’s fishing in the artificial lake, picnicking on the lawns or kicking-back in one of the many café-bars. Considering how oppressive Tirana's traffic can get, this park allows the city's Mediterranean ambience to shine. You can enter the great park within 10 minutes walking from our property.
Image - Sheshi Nënë Tereza
Sheshi Nënë Tereza
Hotel:The Mother Teresa Square (Albanian: Sheshi Nënë Tereza) is the second largest square in Tirana, Albania. It is named after the Albanian Roman Catholic nun, missionary and nobelist Mother Teresa.The square was planned by the Italian architect Gherardo Bosio, and built together with the main Boulevard in 1939 to 1941, during the Italian occupation of Albania, in a Rationalist style. When the square was first constructed, it was named Victor Emmanuel III Square in honor of Victor Emmanuel III of Italy.It is located on the north end of the Dëshmorët e Kombit Boulevard and important buildings are situated on this square. The building include the University of Tirana, the Polytechnic University, the University of Arts, the Archeological Museum and the Centre of Albanological Studies. On 1980 a fountain was placed on the middle of the square and after the Fall of communism in Albania it was named after Mother Teresa and a statue of her was placed on the east side of the square. 10 min away.
Image - National Archaeological Museum
National Archaeological Museum
Hotel:Being one of the oldest civilizations in Europe and having our separate branch on the tree of languages, was not easy! The sights on this museum represent the creations of our ancestors through this long period of time! You can reach there within 10 minutes walking from our place.
Image - Pyramid of Tirana
Pyramid of Tirana
Hotel:Tirana has its own pyramid. Ok, we aren’t talking about an Egyptian pyramid, but it is a pyramid-shaped structure nonetheless. You can find it within a short walk from Skanderbeg Square in front of the Lana river. This monument was built in 1987 by the daughter of Enver Hoxha (Albania’s communist dictator), as a mausoleum for her father. Today the pyramid is mostly frequented by young skaters and families with children. Located on the main Boulevard it can be reached within 12 minutes by foot from our property.
Image - I Love Tirana Sign
I Love Tirana Sign
Hotel:Whats the point of posting a picture on social media when most of the people you know are unfamiliar with the Albanian Landmarks, well the sign is there to fix that, the pattern painted may differ according to festivities, or special occasions, but whats important is that it conveys your location in a fun way. You can walk there its just 14 minutes away.
Image - Memoriali i Pavarësisë
Memoriali i Pavarësisë
Hotel:A great memorial that has been constructed for the 100 years Albania has been independent! On the inside you can even see the declaration of Independence! This place is also reachable within 17 minutes walking.
Image - House of Leaves
House of Leaves
Hotel:Small but excellent museum devoted to the Albanian state spying on its own, and foreign, citizens. Documentaries and exhibits tell the story, in particular a fascinating filmed sting operation on a Yugoslav embassy wife selling in the black market in 1960's Tirana. You can reach this place within 25 minutes by foot.
Image - Bunk'Art 2
Bunk'Art 2
Hotel:It is know it as modern controversy, it was the reason for the breakout of violent protests led by the opposition during the period it was being built. Now it houses pictures of the imprisoned people and those who were executed. Formerly built to house the officials from a assumed nuclear attack , and it show how the communist regime persecuted the "opponents"- mere civilians. You can reach there within 20 minutes walking.
Image - Skanderbeg Square
Skanderbeg Square
Hotel:An amazing beautiful town square, especially after it’s been reconstructed from the original. It maintains its uniquely Albanian heritage while making you feel like your in the heart of Europe. Be sure to check out the museum for artifacts that are equal to almost anything else you’d find in southern Europe, other than the major ones of course! The square is located 20 minutes away walking.
Image - Et'hem Bej Mosque
Et'hem Bej Mosque
Hotel:A unique mosque situated in the very heart of Tirana. The mosque, the Clock Tower, National Museum and National Theatre of Opera and Ballet from the surrounds to the famous Skanderbeg Square. Et’hem Bey Mosque was founded at the end of 18th century by Mulla Bey, with the shrine finished by his son Haxhi Et’hem Bey in the first quarter of the following century. The mosque was one of the few to be spared the destruction during which churches, mosques, tekkes, monasteries and other religious institutions were either closed or pulled down, or converted into warehouses, gymnasiums or workshops by the end of 1967. On 18thJanuary, 1991, despite opposition from the communist authorities, 10,000 people entered carrying flags. This was at the onset of the fall of communism in Albania. The event was a milestone in the rebirth of religious freedom in the country. Visitors can see the wonderful architecture of the mosque and its exquisite decorations of wall and ceiling paintings from oriental traditions. The frescoes of the mosque depict trees, waterfalls and bridges, still life paintings that are a rarity in Islamic art.
Image - National History Museum
National History Museum
Hotel:Everything there is to know about Albania's history, from ancient to current times and it's a must do when in Tirana. The mosaic on the front is a classic, amazing and gorgeous communist era piece which is somewhat the worse for wear now but still worth studying and knowing all the characters in it.
Image - BUNK'ART
Hotel:If you want to know more about communism and visit an amazing bunker this is the place to be. You literally walk into history. Some of the rooms inside are still exactly as they used to be in the old days. All the rooms together show the dark history of communism and how the Albanian people were fighting it. Things are in English, so you can read and understand everything. This place is overwhelming and absolutely worth visiting! It is just 10 minutes ride with taxi from our property.
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  1. Sheqer Pikant
  2. Sofra e Ariut
  3. Grand Park of Tirana
  4. Sheshi Nënë Tereza
  5. National Archaeological Museum
  6. Pyramid of Tirana
  7. I Love Tirana Sign
  8. Memoriali i Pavarësisë
  9. House of Leaves
  10. Bunk'Art 2
  11. Skanderbeg Square
  12. Et'hem Bej Mosque
  13. National History Museum
  14. BUNK'ART

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