Hong Kong - Off The Beaten Path

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Emily Edgren Adams

Hong Kong - Off The Beaten Path

What to see, where to stay and where to eat in this wonderful city!

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Image - Passion by Gerard Dubois
Passion by Gerard Dubois
Emily Edgren:Amazing French pastries and desserts, along with sandwiches that won't break the bank!
Image - Dukling Cruise
Dukling Cruise
Emily Edgren:A wonderful way to see the harbor, especially at night where you can see the light show!
Image - Temple Street Night Market
Temple Street Night Market
Emily Edgren:A place to try local foodie favorites and great local goods - be sure to bargain!
Image - Victoria Peak
Victoria Peak
Emily Edgren:Try to go on a non-foggy day for a gorgeous view of the city. It's wonderful both at night and during the day.
Image - Star Ferry Pier
Star Ferry Pier
Emily Edgren:The Star Ferry is romantic - take it at night for fewer crowds. There is just something magical about the slow ride and the beautiful views. It's also inexpensive, which is great
Image - Central-Mid-Levels Escalators
Central-Mid-Levels Escalators
Emily Edgren:Be sure to check out the World's Longest Escalator. If you get tired, there are tons of bars and restaurants on the way up ;)
Image - IFC Rooftop Garden
IFC Rooftop Garden
Emily Edgren:Visit the financial center for a cool mural made out of coins, do some shopping, then be sure to check out the rooftop garden!
Image - Aviary, Kowloon Park
Aviary, Kowloon Park
Emily Edgren:Amazing, FREE area with countless species of birds. A peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Image - The Peninsula Hong Kong
The Peninsula Hong Kong
Emily Edgren:Check out how the 1% live here with all the Rolls Royce cars. Have afternoon tea here if you dare!
Image - Chungking Mansions
Chungking Mansions
Emily Edgren:A cultural melting pot - the air is full of spices and there are probably 50 different ethnicities in this building along. Stay here for the cheapest lodging in HK
Image - Bruce Lee Statue
Bruce Lee Statue
Emily Edgren:Go pose by this legend!
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Wonderguide map

  1. Passion by Gerard Dubois
  2. Dukling Cruise
  3. Temple Street Night Market
  4. Victoria Peak
  5. Star Ferry Pier
  6. Central-Mid-Levels Escalators
  7. IFC Rooftop Garden
  8. Aviary, Kowloon Park
  9. The Peninsula Hong Kong
  10. Chungking Mansions
  11. Bruce Lee Statue

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