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Ho Chi Minh Guide by @bigbirdstravels

Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) is one of the cities we love the most in Asia. There never seems to be an end to the cool places you can eat, drink and discover. Here our guide to where to go, what to do and where to stay.

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Where to Eat, Drink, Experience & Stay

Here is some places we would recommend in one of our Favourite Cities in Asia, Ho Chi Minh.

Image - The Cafe Apartments
The Cafe Apartments
Joshua:Located on Ho Chi Minh city’s famous Nguyen Hue walking street is this completely unique cafe Apartment at No.42. As you climb the stairs and explore this fascinating building you will find many great surprises, from cute little tearooms and coffee shops to restaurants that serve European and Vietnamese food. And if you love fashion there are many quaint clothes boutiques for you to explore to or maybe you just fancy a nice cocktail in one of its hipster bars. With over 30 different businesses in this unusual space, you have to visit to see for yourself!
Image - Golden Lotus Healing Spa World
Golden Lotus Healing Spa World
Joshua:Golden lotus Healing spa world- After a busy morning around Ho Chi Minh we headed to this Korean style jjimjilbang sauna and spa place. Its good for resting in the different saunas or baths and getting those toxins out! it’s so different to any other spa we have visited. When you arrive you are given an outfit which you wear throughout the spa, you will also be given 3 towels and a personal locker. Before you head to the healing zone on the 1st floor make sure you order yourself a refreshing drink to take with you, these are good for hydration and help with other health things to, we had the rice water which was delicious. On the 1st floor you will find 7 sauna rooms which vary from Himalayan Rock salt room to the volcanic balls room. Then you have the igloo ice room to cool you down. This is a fascinating place because on top of that you also have flat screen TVs incase you want to enjoy a movie, people are also wondering around chatting on their phones. And because it’s a family friendly place there will be children, but this all adds to the experience and entertainment. The 2nd floor is the entertainment zone with karaoke, hot and cold pool for relaxing your feet, games room and mini movie theatre. Then you can finish off by enjoying a cup of coffee and having a chat on the top floor. When you head back to the changing rooms here they have an area with jacuzzi hot tubs and 2 saunas, you also have everything you need to get ready from hair dryers, combs, shampoos, conditioner, hair wax, razors, bath salts and much more! If you really want to try something different this is a must 😊
Image - Winking Seal Beer Co.
Winking Seal Beer Co.
Joshua:This is an awesome bar to visit, especially if you’ve been in Asia for a while as a good craft beer is hard to come by! When you enter you see just how well the bar is designed, it feels so welcoming and cool but also cosy. The staff are super friendly and not only was the beer fantastic but the snacks were great to! What more can you ask for other then great beer, fantastic atmosphere and friendly people 😊
Image - Pizza 4P's Ben Thanh
Pizza 4P's Ben Thanh
Joshua:Your probably thinking, why would I want pizza when I’m in Ho Chi Minh city, but this isn’t just any pizza because although it’s sticking close to Italian style, this is a Japanese owned restaurant and so it’s Italian pizza with a Japanese twist. We enjoyed the mozzarella pizza which comes with a whole mozzarella ball and it is truly delicious. The drinks and desserts they offer are also out of this world and the prices are so reasonable. So come and enjoy an amazing pizza accompanied by a wonderful atmosphere and friendly staff.
Image - Chill Skybar
Chill Skybar
Joshua:This is a cool modern sky bar that offers amazing views and great vibes, along with fantastic crafted cocktails! We came here for happy hour which is 5.30pm to 8pm when all cocktails, beers and some wines are half price. If you go outside of happy hour it is more Money then other places. So we would recommend this place if you just want to drop by for a quick cocktail at a great price with some great views.
Image - Ben Thanh Market
Ben Thanh Market
Joshua:At this market you will get a great feeling that is truly Vietnamese. There’s so much you can buy here, from authentic souvenirs to Vietnamese art and all kinds of branded goods, then there is the unending amounts of different kinds of food. We had a ‘Banh Mi’ which is the Vietnamese word for bread and is a sandwich filled with wonderful meats and vegetables, and you can’t have one of these without a Saigon beer 😋 we enjoyed this sitting on little tiny stalls taking in amongst the bustling atmosphere.
Image - The Workshop Coffee
The Workshop Coffee
Joshua:Inside an old colonial building up a dark stairwell with old wooden stairs you will find this super modern coffee shop. But it’s not just any old coffee shop, here you can choose from a variety of beans from all over the world and it doesn’t stop there because then you can choose how you would like it brewed, either expresso, V60 pourover, chemex and Aeropress. If your a bit lost no worries for the staff here are highly trained and they can help you pick out your perfect flavour and the perfect brew! We are sure you can see why we love this place. Not only does it offer fantastic coffee but the atmosphere and view are pretty amazing to 😊
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Tours In & Around

Here are some tours you can do in and around Ho Chi Minh

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  1. The Cafe Apartments
  2. Golden Lotus Healing Spa World
  3. Winking Seal Beer Co.
  4. Pizza 4P's Ben Thanh
  5. Chill Skybar
  6. Ben Thanh Market
  7. The Workshop Coffee
  8. Cu Chi Tunnels Tours
  9. Real Mekong Delta Tours

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