Ho Chi Minh - culinary journey

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Vo Quoc Bao

Ho Chi Minh - culinary journey

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Image - Bánh Xèo Mười Xiềm
Bánh Xèo Mười Xiềm
Vo Quoc:One of the traditional Vietnamese dishes, the cake is made from flour, delicious.
Image - Phở Hai Thiền
Phở Hai Thiền
Vo Quoc:"Pho" is a traditional dish of Vietnam, dating back a long time. Pho is a combination of noodles, beef, broth and vegetables. Pho has a very unique flavor.
Image - Bánh mì PewPew
Bánh mì PewPew
Vo Quoc:Bread served with meat, rolls, butter, pate and vegetables is an interesting dish. You can have breakfast or dinner are very suitable. Vietnamese bread is very cheap
Image - Bánh Bèo Huế Thanh Nga
Bánh Bèo Huế Thanh Nga
Vo Quoc:"Bánh bèo" is a very strange dish, the main material is flour, shrimp and fish sauce
Image - Cháo cá Miền tây 2
Cháo cá Miền tây 2
Vo Quoc:This is a porridge dish with the main ingredient is snakehead fish - a type of sweet water snapper, served with vegetables.
Image - Bình Quới Tourist Village
Bình Quới Tourist Village
Vo Quoc:This is a famous tourist area of the city. HCM. Extremely green space, with Vietnamese countryside dishes
Image - Chè bưởi Vĩnh Long
Chè bưởi Vĩnh Long
Vo Quoc:"Chè" is a traditional dish of Vietnamese people, has a sweet taste, used for dessert.
Image - Chi Hoa Vietnamese Cuisine
Chi Hoa Vietnamese Cuisine
Vo Quoc:This is a restaurant specializing in selling Vietnamese traditional dishes. Nice space, delicious food, suitable for the experience of international guests
Image - Bún Bò Ngọc Dung
Bún Bò Ngọc Dung
Vo Quoc:Bun bo is a dish originating from Hue with a unique flavor. Food is an interesting experience when coming to Vietnam
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Wonderguide map

  1. Bánh Xèo Mười Xiềm
  2. Phở Hai Thiền
  3. Bánh mì PewPew
  4. Bánh Bèo Huế Thanh Nga
  5. Cháo cá Miền tây 2
  6. Bình Quới Tourist Village
  7. Chè bưởi Vĩnh Long
  8. Chi Hoa Vietnamese Cuisine
  9. Bún Bò Ngọc Dung

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