Ho Chi Minh City - A city for food lovers

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Ho Chi Minh City - A city for food lovers

If you love food, which I am 100% sure you are, Ho Chi Minh city (aka Sai Gon) is well worth a visit. It has been considered as a diverse food city which includes all kinds of cuisine you could think of. Prepare your tummy for savoury Pho, or President Obama’s favourite Bun cha..Sounds good, right?

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Image - Chợ Bến Thành
Chợ Bến Thành
AN:Ben Thanh market is one of the biggest and oldest markets in Ho Chi Minh city. It offers a wide range of food and drinks options and a lot of goods like clothes, fabric, fruits, flowers, souvenirs... You can also go shopping or just simply wandering around the market. I promise you will never get bored of them.
Image - Phố đi bộ Bùi Viện
Phố đi bộ Bùi Viện
AN:Bui Viet is a small street in District 1, HoChi Minh city. It is full of bars, pubs and night clubs, fun activities, good food and great shopping opportunities. There are always exciting food joints popping up every corner.
Image - Phở Hòa Pasteur
Phở Hòa Pasteur
AN:For just about $5 you can eat a big bowl of Pho (beef noodle) in Pho Hoa. The shop is always crowded but the service is still good, the price is higher than in other restaurants.
Image - Bún Chả 145
Bún Chả 145
AN:This is one of President Barack Obama’s favourite dish when he was visiting Vietnam. Located in the heart of District 1, it’s always full of tourists and locals. However, tt’s not suitable for breakfast as it opens after 1 PM.
Image - Bánh tráng trộn chú Viên
Bánh tráng trộn chú Viên
AN:Bánh tráng trộn chú Viên is one of the best snacks in Saigon’s cuisine. With less than $2 you can have a big bag of ricecake mixed with boiled quail eggs, mango and other herbs. It’s always crowded so be prepared to get in a long line.
Image - Phố đi bộ Nguyễn Huệ
Phố đi bộ Nguyễn Huệ
AN:If you fancy a walk at night time, Nguyen Hue walking street is definitely worth a try.
Image - Cuc Gach Quan Restaurant
Cuc Gach Quan Restaurant
AN:This restaurant is located in a quiet street, the food is tasty with decoration types reminiscent of the period of “Subsidy Economy”.
Image - Ho Chi Minh Museum
Ho Chi Minh Museum
AN:The museum is located in District 4 but it’s really close to District 1. There’re a wide range of exhibits with clearly explanations.
Image - Pho Hien
Pho Hien
AN:One of the best place for trying Pho (beefnoodle) in Vietnam. Pho with fatty brisket is recommended. Remember to bringyour own napkin if you don’t want to use the wet wipe (which sometimes smells abit funny).
Image - Hồ Chí Minh City Museum of Fine Arts
Hồ Chí Minh City Museum of Fine Arts
AN:The museum has 3 buildings with a combination of Vietnamese and French architectures. Entrance fee is about $1.5.
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Recommended restaurants

I've got a list of recommended restaurants which are definitely worth a visit in Ho Chi Minh city.

Recommended museums

Ho Chi Minh city is a great place for museum experience. Try out The Notre Dame Cathedral, Central Post Office, the National Theater....

Lovely parks

Fancy a walk in a nice park? This is a list of lovely parks in Ho Chi Minh city for you.

Wonderguide map

  1. Chợ Bến Thành
  2. Phố đi bộ Bùi Viện
  3. Phở Hòa Pasteur
  4. Bún Chả 145
  5. Bánh tráng trộn chú Viên
  6. Phố đi bộ Nguyễn Huệ
  7. Cuc Gach Quan Restaurant
  8. Ho Chi Minh Museum
  9. Pho Hien
  10. Hồ Chí Minh City Museum of Fine Arts
  11. Bún Chả 145
  12. Pho Hien
  13. Phở Hòa Pasteur
  14. Cuc Gach Quan Restaurant
  15. Bánh tráng trộn chú Viên
  16. Cơm tấm Ba Ghiền
  17. Lẩu Cá Kèo Bà Huyện 18
  18. Butter Fried Quail Cô Năm
  19. Huynh Hoa Bakery
  20. Phuc Long Coffee & Tea
  21. Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon
  22. Hồ Chí Minh City Museum
  23. South-Vietnamese Women Museum
  24. Ho Chi Minh Museum
  25. Hồ Chí Minh City Museum of Fine Arts
  26. Công viên Hoàng Văn Thụ
  27. September 23rd Park
  28. Công viên Lê Thị Riêng
  29. Đầm Sen Water Park
  30. Tao Dan Park
  31. Cần Giờ
  32. Hồ bán nguyệt

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