High up in Quito, Equador

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Guðrún Halla Tulinius

High up in Quito, Equador

Ecuador sits in the middle of the world, on the Equator and has wonders to offer. It has 4 main zones: the rainforest of Amazon, the dizzying Andes, the cooler coast and the protected Galapagos Islands. Every zone sparkles its own character: humid jungles, cold peaks, sea life.

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My Recommendations

Image - Centro Historico Quito
Centro Historico Quito
Guðrún Halla:Take a walk through the history of Quito, visit the churches, take in the atmosphere.
Image - Capilla del Hombre
Capilla del Hombre
Guðrún Halla:Very impressive museum of the famous and very talented Guayasamín. You can also visit his home.
Image - Middle of the World
Middle of the World
Guðrún Halla:Go to the middle of the world, La mitad del mundo and think of yourself as the center of it.
Image - Church of the Jesuits
Church of the Jesuits
Guðrún Halla:Unforgettable experience. Just go and see!
Image - Independence Square
Independence Square
Guðrún Halla:Very busy square, as are almost all the squares in the centre. You will not feel alone and will not tire of watching the flow of people.
Image - Otavalo
Guðrún Halla:A much recommended visit and an excursion you can make. In Otavalo there is an interesting market with artisan goods.
Image - Cotopaxi
Guðrún Halla:Cotopaxi does not allow everybody to visit, it is very high and has ice on the top. Beware of the height! Go see it at least and see the animals in the neighbourhood, some wild horses!
Image - Achiote
Guðrún Halla:A very good restaurant with top quality Ecuadorian food.
Image - La Petite Mariscal
La Petite Mariscal
Guðrún Halla:This restaurant has a Parisian air about it, but is purely Ecuadorian.
Image - El Cafecito
El Cafecito
Guðrún Halla:If you want to take it easy, look at your computer, have a nice cup of coffee or just sip some beer and eat good food, this is your place.
Image - Ecuadordirect Travel
Ecuadordirect Travel
Guðrún Halla:We recommend this travel agency, especially Marcelo Guerra León, who just knows about everything, flora, fauna, geology, art... Contact: marcelo@ecuadordirect.travel or maregl1@hotmail.com
Image - Hostal de La Rabida
Hostal de La Rabida
Guðrún Halla:The best home away from home. The staff is wonderful, the atmosphere warm and inviting. Contact info@hostalrabita.com
Image - Galápagos Islands
Galápagos Islands
Guðrún Halla:A unique experience if you can get there. The sea lions welcome you in the island of San Cristóbal. See all the wonderful animals, snorkel and meet the hammer sharks and sea turtles at the Sleeping Lion Rock.
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A few recommendations

Go easy the first days in Quito, it is at 2.800 meters and you might feel dizzy. Walk slowly and don´t take it all in in one day. A trip to the great mountain proved to be rather difficult because of the height. Try adapting before attempting a climb. Be well prepared with full rain and wind gear.

Wonderguide map

  1. Centro Historico Quito
  2. Capilla del Hombre
  3. Middle of the World
  4. Church of the Jesuits
  5. Independence Square
  6. Otavalo
  7. Cotopaxi
  8. Achiote
  9. La Petite Mariscal
  10. El Cafecito
  11. Ecuadordirect Travel
  12. Hostal de La Rabida
  13. Galápagos Islands

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