Helsinski. Miss Rigor!

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Mariana Llorente

Helsinski. Miss Rigor!

Loved this city! You can actually get to the airport and get the train into the city centre!

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Helsinki - Day tours

A few day tours from the capital city of Finland

Image - Lapland Wellness And Relaxation Day_111318
$ 427
Lapland Wellness And Relaxation Day
Mariana:The sauna has a special mening for people in finland. Find out why!
Image - Tallinn
Mariana:You can do it just in a day. Don t miss the oportunity if you are in helsinski!
Image - Turku
Mariana:Visit the university in Turku. You won't regret it!
Image - Finnish Sauna in Helsinki
5 Saunas You Must Visit in Helsinki
Mariana:People meet here to close deals and relax!
Image -  Airport To Helsinki And Vantaa - Private Transfer Service _120937
$ 107
Airport To Helsinki And Vantaa - Private Transfer Service
Mariana:You can also go to the city by train. Very convenient!
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Helsinki - Food & Drinks

It is not only nutrition, it is experience

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  1. Snowmobile Safari In Lapland
  2. Lapland Wellness And Relaxation Day
  3. Tallinn
  4. Taste Of Helsinki And Suomenlinna - Private Tour
  5. Medieval Porvoo And Maritime Loviisa Combination Tour From Helsinki
  6. Half-Day Tour Of Porvoo Old Town From Helsinki
  7. Turku
  8. Turku University of Applied Sciences
  9. Airport To Helsinki And Vantaa - Private Transfer Service
  10. Private Helsinki Walking Tour
  11. University of Helsinki
  12. University of Helsinki
  13. Helsingin yliopiston pääkirjasto, Kaisa-talo
  14. Flying Cinema Tour Of Helsinki
  15. Helsinki Cathedral
  16. Uspenski Cathedral

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