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There is so much you can do in Iceland. What I love the most it to just spend time in the nature where no one else is around. Hot tub in the winter, watching the stars. Picking berries late summer or taking a walk in the snow. Here are some ideas!

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Arts & Culture

From viking legends to modern art, get to know the deeper side of Iceland.

Image - Iceland Symphony Orchestra
Iceland Symphony Orchestra
Hekla:Concerts every Thursday @19:30 in Harpa
Image - Hallgrimskirkja
Hekla:Lunch concerts during the summer and Trompet concert on last day of the year.
Image - Reykjavik Jazz Festival
Reykjavik Jazz Festival
Hekla:Great jazz festival in the beginning of sept in Harpa.
Image - Outdoor music festival
Music Festivals in Iceland During the Summer
Hekla:Great music festival around the country the whole summer.
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Touristy Things Still Worth Doing

It might be cliché but that’s why we love it!

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  1. Iceland Symphony Orchestra
  2. Hallgrimskirkja
  3. Reykjavik Jazz Festival
  4. South Coast Classic: Guided in 10 languages
  5. Akureyri - Goðafoss - Lake Mývatn
  6. Reykjavík Classic Whale Watching
  7. The Heritage Horse Riding Tour
  8. Snorkeling in Silfra: In between Two Continents

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