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Thanks for staying at Mofo's Bed and Barkfast! The Hoomans put together this list of their favorites! Hopefully this will help you have a doggone good time while you stay with us! Happy tails!

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Here are some of our favorite things to do around here!

Image - Dole Plantation
Dole Plantation
Kyla:Several activities for you to enjoy: train ride, gardens, and maze. Get there when they open or you'll run out of time.
Image - Ala Moana Center
Ala Moana Center
Kyla:Huge shopping mall. Any store you want, you'll probably find here.
Image - Bishop Museum
Bishop Museum
Kyla:This place is made up of the Bishop Museum, where you can learn about ancient Hawaiian culture, a science museum, a planetarium, and some other rotating exhibits. They do not use single use plastic here, but they do have plenty of water refill stations here so we suggest bringing your own refillable water bottle. The Bishop Museum itself is very warm so dress accordingly and maybe bring some ice water.
Image - Aloha Stadium Swap Meet
Aloha Stadium Swap Meet
Kyla:Huge swap meet where you can walk around for a few hours and find some cool local products.
Image - Iolani Palace
Iolani Palace
Image - Travelade Image
Haleiwa Historic Town
Kyla:Cute little town to walk around, shop, and get shave ice. There's also a nice little area where you can rent paddle boards and kayaks.
Image - Pearl Harbor National Memorial
Pearl Harbor National Memorial
Kyla:Pearl Harbor has multiple museums and memorials to see. You can easily spend an entire day here and not see all of the exhibits. Do not bring a backpack or purse, they do not allow bags inside that are larger than basically an envelope.
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Feeling Outdoorsy

You're in Hawaii, go enjoy the outdoors!

Image - Pillbox Hike
Pillbox Hike
Kyla:Short, but challenging hike with amazing views. Wear appropriate footwear, this hike is VERY steep and rocky. Do not recommend going after it has rained, it can get very muddy and slippery. Hike starts off of a neighborhood, if you can't find parking around the neighborhood, you can park in the Kailua beach parking lot.
Image - ʻĀhuimanu Trailhead
ʻĀhuimanu Trailhead
Kyla:This is a fun hike to see some waterfalls, but the path is not always clear and you may end up walking through the creek at some point so wear shoes that you don't mind getting muddy and wet. It is recommended to go right after rain to see the waterfalls, but it's still a fun hike even if the waterfalls are dry. You're going to need to park in the neighborhood and walk down the little grassy hill by the drain to find the start of the hike. The path is occasionally marked by ribbons. Look up the trail in the AllTrails app for more detailed instructions.
Image - CLIMB Works Keana Farms - Zipline Tour
CLIMB Works Keana Farms - Zipline Tour
Kyla:Beautiful place to go ziplining with views of the mountains and the ocean.
Image - Kualoa Ranch
Kualoa Ranch
Image - Hanauma Bay
Hanauma Bay
Image - Hawaiian Electric Beach Park
Hawaiian Electric Beach Park
Kyla:One of our favorite places to go snorkeling. There are lots of fish and occasionally turtles and dolphins. It's best to go early before it gets hot and crowded.

Our Favorite Eats - South

Hanging out around Honolulu or Waikiki today? Here's where you should eat.

Image - Marukame Udon Waikiki
Marukame Udon Waikiki
Kyla:Food is amazing and inexpensive. Noodles are made fresh in house. Park at International Market Place. This place can have a line down the sidewalk.
Image - TEX 808 BBQ + Brews
TEX 808 BBQ + Brews
Kyla:If you're looking for Texas BBQ in Hawaii, this place is it.
Image - Marukame Udon
Marukame Udon
Kyla:Food is amazing and inexpensive. Noodles are made fresh in house.
Image - Mana Musubi
Mana Musubi
Kyla:This is a great place to grab a quick snack if you like musubi. They have a lot of different kinds, but you need to go early because they sell out.

Our Favorite Eats - East

Hanging out around Kaneohe or Kailua today? Here's where you should eat.

Image - Haleiwa Joe's Haiku Gardens
Haleiwa Joe's Haiku Gardens
Kyla:If you're looking to go out for a nice dinner, this is a great option. The food is great and there is no need to dress up. It's right next to a huge garden where you can walk around while you wait for your table. Get there early so you can enjoy the view of the gardens while you eat.
Image - Easy ‘Que
Easy ‘Que
Kyla:Nice place to go for BBQ. We suggest going Sunday morning before noon for brunch and getting the brisket loco moco.

Our Favorite Eats - West

Staying around Ewa today? Here's where you should eat.

Image - Tanaka Ramen & Izakaya
Tanaka Ramen & Izakaya
Kyla:This is our go to ramen place. The gyoza is amazing too.
Image - Shinpachi Japanese Restaurant
Shinpachi Japanese Restaurant
Kyla:Really good, small Japanese restaurant. They do not serve alcohol, but you can bring your own. If you bring a bottle of wine, bring one with a twist off cap or bring a bottle opener, they have a charge if you need to use theirs. Their hours on google say they close at 6:30, but they are open until 8.
Image - My Cafe
My Cafe
Kyla:Really good place for breakfast or brunch. The restaurant is very small though so be prepared for a long wait time or just order food to go.
Image - Honolulu Kitchen
Honolulu Kitchen
Kyla:You can get steamed or fried buns here with your choice of sweet or savory fillings. The buns are made to order so you'll have to wait a few minutes, but they're worth the wait.
Image - Island Shave Ice And Creamery
Island Shave Ice And Creamery
Kyla:Really good shave ice and ice cream just down the road from the house.

Our Favorite Eats - North

Hanging out around North Shore today? Here's where you should eat.

Image - Seven Brothers "At the Mill"
Seven Brothers "At the Mill"
Kyla:Great burgers at an old sugar plantation. There are also plenty of food trucks around if you're looking for something else to eat.
Image - The Smoking Boar and the Coconut
The Smoking Boar and the Coconut
Kyla:Really good Hawaiian food and coffee shop.

Wonderguide map

  1. Dole Plantation
  2. Ala Moana Center
  3. Bishop Museum
  4. Aloha Stadium Swap Meet
  5. Polynesian Cultural Center
  6. Queen Emma Summer Palace
  7. Manoa Chocolate Hawaii
  8. Iolani Palace
  9. 21 Degrees Estate
  10. Haleiwa Historic Town
  11. Pearl Harbor National Memorial
  12. Pillbox Hike
  13. ʻĀhuimanu Trailhead
  14. CLIMB Works Keana Farms - Zipline Tour
  15. Kualoa Ranch
  16. Hanauma Bay
  17. Hawaiian Electric Beach Park
  18. Marukame Udon Waikiki
  19. TEX 808 BBQ + Brews
  20. Marukame Udon
  21. Mana Musubi
  22. Haleiwa Joe's Haiku Gardens
  23. Easy ‘Que
  24. Tanaka Ramen & Izakaya
  25. Shinpachi Japanese Restaurant
  26. My Cafe
  27. Honolulu Kitchen
  28. Island Shave Ice And Creamery
  29. Seven Brothers "At the Mill"
  30. The Smoking Boar and the Coconut

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