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Top 10 Noodle in Ha Noi. You should try.

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Image - Phở Gia truyền Bát Đàn
Phở Gia truyền Bát Đàn
Hoang Anh:This "Pho" place is one of the highest recommendation both online and word of mouth. Lines are long so be sure to be there early to avoid disappointments as it usually sells out by late morning. Eat and go place so be sure to finish up your meal and leave as there is a long line of people waiting behind. The "pho" is great and is different if you are used to the southern taste. However, it has its own distinct taste. Pair it up with some fried crullers (quay) and you’re good to go for the day. Caution, the chilis are spicy!
Image - Phở Lâm
Phở Lâm
Hoang Anh:Pho here is better than other places, especially the quality of chicken. Delicious chicken, crunchy skin, clear, sweet water, I ate all of it, because it was delicious
Image - Phở Xào Phú Mỹ
Phở Xào Phú Mỹ
Hoang Anh:The staff was happy and enthusiastic. The hostess is very friendly and happy with the guests. One stir-fried noodle set here costs 65000. Was super super beef and pho always. Delicious fried beef. Fragrant. Strong sauce, tastes good. Melon is also delicious, please add as much as you want. Stir-fried Pho is easy to eat, sometimes takes some raw vegetables, melons are delicious to eat. Basically, I am quite satisfied with the quality, although it may be a bit pale with many salty people.
Image - Phở Xào Ba Thanh Béo
Phở Xào Ba Thanh Béo
Hoang Anh:This shop only opens from the evening, after working hours. Fast service, delicious fried noodles. Stable price.
Image - Phở Hiền
Phở Hiền
Hoang Anh:This shop is always crowded and bustling around the street from morning till noon. Extreme food. A bowl of pho with lots of beef and also served very quickly, without having to wait long.
Image - Phở Ánh Sáng.
Phở Ánh Sáng.
Hoang Anh:Looking at the outside is also spacious. You can eat it with the air conditioner The menu is quite diverse dishes. Quick service. After a while, bring up your things. This noodle dish is generally fine. The noodle soup is quite sweet. Just enough beef. 30000 For this one
Image - Quán Phở Hưng
Quán Phở Hưng
Hoang Anh:Strong broth, chicken ingredients, sausages, omelets, pickled radish, mushrooms ... and shallots, not missing anything for a bowl of "bun thang". Very plump and the price of 30000 is too reasonable. The location of the restaurant is quite clear, so even if you are not familiar with the road, you can find it easily.
Image - Phở Hồng
Phở Hồng
Image - Pho Hang Trong
Pho Hang Trong
Hoang Anh:No tables and chairs polite but the number of visitors to this place is still crowded with thousands of people. When you arrive, order pho and then pay and sit down to eat A bowl of this noodle is quite a lot of beef, the broth is so sweet. Occasionally eating a meal is ok because the price is also cheap, looks like 25000-30000, sell afternoon afternoon onwards.
Image - Phở Gà Bản
Phở Gà Bản
Hoang Anh:Pretty quick stuff out, pretty cool shop. The chili is quite spicy. The broth is quite special, delicious, fragrant. Chicken is super delicious, the tender skin is crispy Quite plump with me, finished eating till night.
Image - Phở Cồ Chùa Láng
Phở Cồ Chùa Láng
Hoang Anh:Pho is soft. Medium cooked vegetables. The accompaniment is quite delicious. Noodles are fried with quite a variety of vegetables. The seat bar is not too wide nor too tight. Service is quite good. Price 30000 / bowl.
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  1. Phở Gia truyền Bát Đàn
  2. Phở Lâm
  3. Phở Xào Phú Mỹ
  4. Phở Xào Ba Thanh Béo
  5. Phở Hiền
  6. Phở Ánh Sáng.
  7. Quán Phở Hưng
  8. Phở Hồng
  9. Pho Hang Trong
  10. Phở Gà Bản
  11. Phở Cồ Chùa Láng

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