Hanoi - food guide by @jaunty_jan

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Giang Pham

Hanoi - food guide by @jaunty_jan

Eating my way around Hanoi

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My favourite dishes in Hanoi

Image - Phở Cuốn Hưng Bền
Phở Cuốn Hưng Bền
Giang:People familiar with Pho noodles in a hot soup bowl. I love Pho in all shapes and sizes: as noodles in a bow, deep-fried then topped with stir-fried beef and veggies or ready-to-eat rolled Pho with all delicious ingredients inside. Highly recommend you to try the delicious Pho rolls and deep-fried Pho with egg.
Image - Bún cá Sâm Cây Si
Bún cá Sâm Cây Si
Giang:Located in a small alley, the fish noodles here is extremely delicious. The place is pretty crowded around lunch time but it's definitely worth the wait! It can be served with the soup as in picture or served as dried noodles with a separate soup bowl. Don't forget to order their deep-fried fish cakes and the kumquat tea.
Image - Miến lươn Chân Cầm
Miến lươn Chân Cầm
Giang:Feeling adventurous? Why not give this eels glass noodles soup a try? Crispy fried eels will make you become addicted.
Image - Cháo sườn Ngõ Huyện Lý Quốc Sư
Cháo sườn Ngõ Huyện Lý Quốc Sư
Giang:My way to kick-off the day whenever I'm in Hanoi. Congee topped with shredded pork and "cháo quẩy". A light but satisfying breakfast.
Image - Bún ốc sườn
Bún ốc sườn
Giang:Juicy snails and tender pork ribs go together. How can you say no to a bowl of goodness?
Image - Quán Ăn Hùng Lẩu
Quán Ăn Hùng Lẩu
Giang:"Bún chả" is a must try when you visit Hanoi. Grilled pork, lots of herbs, rice noodles. All combine together makes this one so special that even Obama tried it when he visited Vietnam.
Image - Bún đậu Thanh Hằng
Bún đậu Thanh Hằng
Giang:Bún đậu mắm tôm - Noodles with fried tofu, served with shrimp paste (mắm tôm), pork sausage (dồi heo), Vietnamese young rice patties (chả cốm) and lots of herbs. This dish has a distinctive smell because of the shrimp paste so it might be not for everyone but if you can stand the smell, you should give it a try.
Image - Giảng Cafe
Giảng Cafe
Giang:Listed no.1 in the article "17 ways to drink café around the world” by BuzzFeed Magazine, served at Trump-Kim summit press centre, this coffee has a creamy and sweet flavour because of the egg yolk and condensed milk. In my opinion, better to try the hot version than the cold version. If you can't drink coffee, egg hot chocolate can give you the same experience.
Image - Quán Bà Béo
Quán Bà Béo
Giang:Feeling hungry late at night after your night out in Tạ Hiện? This Mì Gà Tần (Black Chicken Herbal Soup with instant noodles) is the comfort food that you are looking for.
Image - Quán Nem Chua Nướng
Quán Nem Chua Nướng
Giang:How Vietnamese youngsters hang out with friends on a budget? Enjoying nem chua rán (fried fermented pork roll), lemon tea along with jicama is the answer.
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Tours in Hanoi

Wonderguide map

  1. Phở Cuốn Hưng Bền
  2. Bún cá Sâm Cây Si
  3. Miến lươn Chân Cầm
  4. Cháo sườn Ngõ Huyện Lý Quốc Sư
  5. Bún ốc sườn
  6. Quán Ăn Hùng Lẩu
  7. Bún đậu Thanh Hằng
  8. Giảng Cafe
  9. Quán Bà Béo
  10. Quán Nem Chua Nướng

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