Hannover - Internship 2.0

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Jana Busch

Hannover - Internship 2.0

An unforgettable experience in the heart of Germany

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Rainy weekend days ūüęĖ

Get cozy on a rainy day in Hannover :)

Image - PorzellanCaf√© 1.0 in der S√ľdstadt
PorzellanCaf√© 1.0 in der S√ľdstadt
Jana:Make your own mug or plate just the way you like
Image - lieb.es Café Restaurant
lieb.es Café Restaurant
Jana:Just a few steps away from home you can get amazing hot drinks and relax in this cozy Café
Image - Holländische Kakao-Stube
Holländische Kakao-Stube
Jana:Feel like on a rainy day in the Netherlands and have amazing cacao and cakes

Feeling like culture

explore the cultural side of Hannover and learn about art and history

Image - State Opera of Hannover
State Opera of Hannover
Jana:tickets for students are for free so it's just half the price :)

For a hot summer day

It's a hot summer day and you need a way to cool down and relax? Then have a look here!!

Image - Strandleben
Jana:Have a cold beer with the view on the river
Image - V17
Jana:have a coffee or something else in the coziest Café of Hannover
Image - Maschsee
Jana:have an aperol spritz with the view on the lake
Image - Julians Eismanufaktur Birne & Beere
Julians Eismanufaktur Birne & Beere
Jana:here you can have the most delicious ice cream in Hannover or even do an ice making class

Take a walk

get out of the house to see some green

Image - Deister
Image - Steinhuder Meer
Steinhuder Meer
Jana:Just a short drive away from Hannover you can take a walk next to this big lake :o
Image - Nordhafen
Jana:beautiful place to watch the sunset

My Recommendations

Wonderguide map

  1. Biergarten Gretchen
  2. Kulturhafen e.V.
  3. Cafe Glocksee
  4. Markthalle Hannover
  5. PorzellanCaf√© 1.0 in der S√ľdstadt
  6. Porzellancafé
  7. lieb.es Café Restaurant
  8. Holländische Kakao-Stube
  9. Schauspiel Hannover
  10. State Opera of Hannover
  11. Sprengel Museum
  12. K√ľnstlerhaus
  13. Ricklinger Kiesteiche
  14. Strandleben
  15. V17
  16. Maschsee
  17. Julians Eismanufaktur Birne & Beere
  18. Eilenriede City Forest
  19. Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover
  20. Herrenhäuser Gärten
  21. Deister
  22. Steinhuder Meer
  23. Nordhafen

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