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Ha Noi - Top 10 Cafe

Top 10 Cafe in Ha Noi. You should try.

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Image - Giảng Cafe
Giảng Cafe
Hoang Anh:- Space: The restaurant is located in a small alley on Nguyen Huu Huan Street. The shop is very crowded, always full of people - Staff: Young staff orders quickly - Drinks: I order 1 hot egg cocoa + 1 iced egg coffee Cacao egg and smooth match. Very fragrant but slightly sweet. Ice egg cafe. The egg taste is sweet and smooth. Bitter coffee.
Image - Woodpecker Coffee
Woodpecker Coffee
Hoang Anh:The shop has 4 floors, the space is very wide and airy. This is a suitable place to gather friends and suitable for studying and working. 🍉 The first floor is not very large because of a bar. From the 2nd floor and above, the space is larger and more virtual check-in corners. The 3rd floor is designed for those who want to study and work. 4th floor is outdoor space. 🍉 The next plus is of course air conditioning 😁 except for the 4th floor, every floor has air conditioning and cool. 🍉 The staff are friendly, quick service, nothing to complain about. 📋 The menu is quite rich and varied. I tried passion fruit peach tea, peppermint and herbal milk tea.
Image - Cora Cafe
Cora Cafe
Hoang Anh:The first plus point is probably the space. Moreover, there are many sofas here. 👉 Next is the menu of the restaurant. I think Cora is getting more and more updated, from basic to very strange and beautiful dishes but still easy to drink and healthy. 👉For dating or gathering friends or even organizing events, it is also very oke 👍 📌Rate 8/10
Image - Kone Café
Kone Café
Hoang Anh:1. Space The shop looked outside, it was small, but then I saw that it was wide and vertically deep inside. There are 4 floors that use white tones. The aroma is fragrant. There are many angles to take photos, there is also more light. The shop is very quiet, I see quite a few customers come here with books and laptops. There are full high tables, low tables, soft chairs, comfortable chairs and hard chairs. 2. Beverages My drinks feel ok, the price is about medium (30k-65k). My favorite part is Kone using glass straws, in addition to protecting the environment, it looks very hygienic and beautiful 3. Staff In general, there is no problem.
Image - The Rustics Coffee Shop
The Rustics Coffee Shop
Hoang Anh:This is one of the beautiful cafes Actually, I feel okay but quiet, cool space, not too crowded and noisy Strawberry smoothie is quite good, 8/10 Price is okay
Image - Drew Coffee
Drew Coffee
Hoang Anh:Drew Coffee uses two types of Aribaca (selected in the best region of Vietnam) roasted in a medium long aftertaste and smells of chocolate. The remaining flavor of Arabica is blended with Robusta, darker roasted to give the coffee taste of bitterness, traditional flavor but extremely full of the "natural" flavor and aroma of coffee thanks to proper Espresso extraction method. Art. Some other dishes are small in quantity but do make something like "August", capuccino, latte, chia seed lemonade, chocolate ...
Image - Cà Phê Fun
Cà Phê Fun
Hoang Anh:The shop is easy to find and also quite prominent. Inside decorated in many different spaces. The shop is spacious, including the second floor. My friends said that the shop decorated Noels from year to year. The drink, we ordered kumquat juice. Mixed water is okay, a little sweet but rich. The minus point is that the cup looks a little dirty because of dust for a long time. Price is also relatively high 35,000 / cup. Normal service.
Image - kool coffee and tea
kool coffee and tea
Hoang Anh:The space is still cool and spacious. The menu has milk tea, smoothies, juices, and coffee. . . Price from 30k poured up. The shop decorating caricatures with quotes is also fun. Staff quite pleasant. In this area I found this restaurant is quite good.
Image - Macada Coffee & Bingsu
Macada Coffee & Bingsu
Hoang Anh:First, the decor is really cute. The price is not expensive nor cheap, generally good value for drinks Especially handsome and cute staff The shop is on the road, quite easy to find Overall satisfied
Hoang Anh:Nice boy, attentive service, very cute. I like the cafe's capuchino, it's so beautiful. In short, a very nice shop, especially the waiters.
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  9. Macada Coffee & Bingsu

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