Guadalupe Caleras Neighborhood

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Sherlyn Nolasco

Guadalupe Caleras Neighborhood

This neighborhood is welcoming because not far from here you find entertainment venues like malls or if you are hungry there are variety of restaurants. But if you are looking for peace and fresh air you can also ride a bike on cyclopist boulevard Hermanos Serdan.

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Are you visiting Puebla and need a cat nap? These are the correct places to visit.

Image - Marriott Puebla Hotel Meson del Angel
Marriott Puebla Hotel Meson del Angel
Sherlyn:This hotel has the best measures of health, good serviece and food. A quiet place where you can stay.
Image - Staybridge Suites Puebla
Staybridge Suites Puebla
Sherlyn:This hotel is next to a small mall where you can visit a gym, have coffee or eat sushi.
Image - Four Points by Sheraton Puebla
Four Points by Sheraton Puebla
Sherlyn:This hotel is closer to the Galerias Serdan mall since it is one of the busiest by people in the neighborhood.
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Are you starving?

Near of the Guadalupe Caleras neighborhood are some incredible restaurants where you can enjoy a good service and meal.

Image - Corazon Brasileño Blvd. Hnos. Serdán
Corazon Brasileño Blvd. Hnos. Serdán
Sherlyn:This restaurant has a variety of salads and meats where you can enjoy an amazing atmosphere with your family, friends or your sentimental partner.
Image - Restaurante Acamayas
Restaurante Acamayas
Sherlyn:This restaurant offers you a variety of delicious and fresh seafood in different presentations.As a matter of fact, it is also spectacular as they have 20 years of experience.
Image - El Gran Takazo
El Gran Takazo
Sherlyn:Are you a big fan of tacos arabes? This taqueria is one of the most recognized for the size of their tacos arabes, they are delicious that you would eat more than one.
Image - Little Caesars Pizza
Little Caesars Pizza
Sherlyn:Junk food is utterly delicious. If you are looking for pizza this place is the best owing the prices and the good taste.

Time for fun

Are you looking for a cinema, clothing stores, enjoy a coffee, ice cream or culture? These places are the best.

Image - Galerías Serdán
Galerías Serdán
Sherlyn:One of the busiest malls. It features restaurants, clothing stores, cinema and entertainment attractions.
Image - Crowne Plaza Puebla
Crowne Plaza Puebla
Sherlyn:Next to the Staybridge hotel where you can hang out with your friends either at Starbucks, Toks restaurant or working out in the gym.
Image - Paseo De Los Gigantes Park
Paseo De Los Gigantes Park
Sherlyn:Do you want to know about the most famous places in all countries? In this museum you can learn more about architecture, location and importance of this places.

Wonderguide map

  1. Marriott Puebla Hotel Meson del Angel
  2. Staybridge Suites Puebla
  3. Four Points by Sheraton Puebla
  4. Corazon Brasileño Blvd. Hnos. Serdán
  5. Restaurante Acamayas
  6. El Gran Takazo
  7. Little Caesars Pizza
  8. Galerías Serdán
  9. Crowne Plaza Puebla
  10. Paseo De Los Gigantes Park

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