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Great Inagua Island

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Overview of Great Inagua

Great Inagua is located at the northern mouth of the Windward Passage, the busiest shipping passage in the Western Hemisphere. The Island is sandwiched between Cuba 48 miles to the Southwest, and the Turks and Caicos Islands 30 miles to the East. Great Inagua is home to the Morton Salt Company, the second-largest solar salt operation in the world. The island is also home to an indigenous land Turtle the Inagua slider and the Inagua Woodstar the smallest and most beautiful hummingbird in the world. The largest flock of flamingos in the Western Hemisphere reside in Lake Rosa which is the largest lake in The Bahamas. Great Inagua has the largest diversity of birds and wildlife in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas. Speciality birds such as the endangered Bahama Parrot, Egrets, Burrowing owls, and Night Crown Herons. Wild animals roaming the interior of the island are donkeys and wild hogs introduced to the island by the French in 1749. The cows, goats, and cats we're formally domesticated animals. Great Inagua has excellent fishing off its coastline. Fish in abundance are wahoo, tuna, dolphins, red and black snappers, and the Nassau grouper. Tarpon is plentiful inside Lake Rosa. Great Inagua has pristine beaches and many historical sites. For example, the Great Inagua Light House was built in 1870 and the Jail House was built in 1849. The capital of the island is Mathew Town which was the first planned town in the country and the first port of entry. Mathew Town was constructed from 1844 to 1848 by governor George B Mathew a civil engineer and governor of the colony of The Bahamas. The town was named in his honour. Mathew Town host a cultural festival called Home Coming on the first Monday of August which commemorates the abolishment of slavery in the Colony of The Bahamas in 1834. Mathew Town is a port of entry and also host a Royal Bahamas Defence Force Base, A United States Coast Guard Base, A Health Center, a marina and an international airport capable of accomodating jet landing. Doctor Alan Minns an Inaguan was the first mayor of colour in England and the first mayor of colour in all of Europe in 1904. Great Inagua is known as the eco-tourism capital of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas and most of our tourists are bird watchers and fishermen. Great Inagua is one of the safest places in the Bahamas. It is tranquil, laid back and relaxing. Whether you are a writer, a birdwatcher or a nature enthusiast - Inagua is the place to be. We welcome you to visit our beautiful paradise and to bring your friends and family along for the ride. Written by Captain C. Stephen Fawkes, Town Historian

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Image - Inagua International Airport (IGA)
Inagua International Airport (IGA)
Residents of Great:The Inagua airport is a small airport which Is situated next to the U.S. coast guard facility and is a 5-6 minute drive from the airport into town.
Image - Matthew Town Dock
Matthew Town Dock
Residents of Great:The dock is also known simply as "the Basin" by locals.



Image - Red Knot Manor
Red Knot Manor
Residents of Great:Patty and Steve are the owners and they are really lovely folks. Their daughter, Krissy, does a wonderful breakfast in the mornings! The Manor is just overlooking the blue ocean and is within walking distance of the town Dock.
Image - Enrica's Inn
Enrica's Inn



Food & Drinks


Image - Cepigel
Image - Morton General Store
Morton General Store
Residents of Great:The first and original grocery store, simply known as "the food store" by us locals.
Image - Shanya's



Image - Travelade Image
Lake Rosa
Residents of Great:Formerly known as Lake Windsor, Lake Rosa Is the largest body of water on the Island. It Is also protected as a national park with wildlife and birdwatching.



Image - Travelade Image
Farquharson Beach
Residents of Great:One of the most beautiful beaches on the Island. Do visit!



Emergency & Gov't Contacts


Image - Matthew Town Community Clinic
Matthew Town Community Clinic
Residents of Great:The staff here are very friendly.

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  1. Great Inagua Lighthouse
  2. Inagua
  3. Little Inagua Island
  4. Morton Salt, Great Inagua
  5. Inagua International Airport (IGA)
  6. Matthew Town Dock
  7. Bahamasair Ticket Reservations
  8. Red Knot Manor
  9. Enrica's Inn
  10. Cepigel
  11. R & J Convenience Store
  12. Morton General Store
  13. Shanya's
  14. 3K's Meat Mart
  15. Lighthouse Restaurant Bar & Grill
  16. Lake Rosa
  17. Farquharson Beach
  18. Friendly Tours Inagua
  19. Matthew Town Community Clinic

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