Cycling in Gran Canaria

Wonderguide by

Hörður Ragnarsson

Cycling in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a popular cycling destination for both amateurs and professionals. The island boasts amazing roads for cycling. These are my travel tips for cyclists going to Gran Canaria, where to ride, where to eat and where to spend time off the bike.

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Top places to ride your bike

Image - Mirador de las Yeguas
Mirador de las Yeguas
Hörður:You should start with this one. Short climb from Maspalomas on GC-60. Accessible for anyone and the view is breathtaking.
Image - Fataga
Hörður:Fataga is the summit for this amazing climb on GC-60. This is the next stop from Mirador de las Yeguas and from there you can loop back.
Image - Santa Lucía de Tirajana
Santa Lucía de Tirajana
Hörður:A beautiful town on the GC-65 road. Perfect place to stop mid ride and have bite.
Image - Mirador El Mulato
Mirador El Mulato
Hörður:You start your ride in the Mogán vallay and finish with this most iconic climb in Gran Canaria.
Image - Francisco Alonso Hernández
Francisco Alonso Hernández
Hörður:The climb on GC-505 is challenging, yet rewarding! After you summit
Image - Mogán
Hörður:If you are looking for an easy day, then cycle the GC-500 road from Maspalomas. It's an undulating road that takes you to Puerto De Mogán.
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Where to stop for a break

Image - Caffeé 83
Caffeé 83
Hörður:Hands down the best café in Maspalomas. A perfect place to start and end your ride!
Image - Soria
Hörður:Greate little restaurant after the epic climb up GC-505. There are always other cyclists around so you can find some good company.
Image - Bar-Cafeteria Los Giles
Bar-Cafeteria Los Giles
Hörður:Nice and small place to stop on the GC-60 road for a coffee or cola.
Image - La Cueva
La Cueva
Hörður:Nice restaurant in San Barolomé de Tiranjana. Great stop on those long rides.
Image - Restaurante La Gustera
Restaurante La Gustera
Hörður:Good place in Maspalomas for both meat and fish.

What to do off the bike

Image - Roque Nublo
Roque Nublo
Hörður:Hike the Roque Nublo, it's a short an easy hike of only 1.5km. The view on the top is mind blowing.
Image - Natural Dune Reserve of Maspalomas
Natural Dune Reserve of Maspalomas
Hörður:Short walk from Maspalomas to the beach of the Dunes. Amazing!
Image - Palmitos Park
Palmitos Park

Shopping malls

Image - Alisios
Hörður:This is by far the best shopping mall in Gran Canaria. It is big, new, has all the major shops and most importantly, Starbucks!
Image - Centro Comercial Atlántico Vecindario
Centro Comercial Atlántico Vecindario
Hörður:This one has a variety of shops and plenty of restaurants. It's situated closed to the airport.
Image - El Tablero Centro Comercial
El Tablero Centro Comercial
Hörður:The best mall in Maspalomas, it's not big but it has stores like Zara, Pull & Bear and more.

Wonderguide map

  1. Mirador de las Yeguas
  2. Fataga
  3. Santa Lucía de Tirajana
  4. Mirador El Mulato
  5. Francisco Alonso Hernández
  6. Mogán
  7. Caffeé 83
  8. Soria
  9. Bar-Cafeteria Los Giles
  10. La Cueva
  11. Restaurante La Gustera
  12. Roque Nublo
  13. Natural Dune Reserve of Maspalomas
  14. Palmitos Park
  15. Alisios
  16. Centro Comercial Atlántico Vecindario
  17. El Tablero Centro Comercial

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