Gourmet side of Tbilisi

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Daria Kholodilina

Gourmet side of Tbilisi

Georgia is famous for its outstanding cuisine - and Tbilisi is a place where culinary tradition meets the contemporary approach. Get to know the Georgian capital from its craziest and most delicious side!

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Breakfast First!

Image - ERTI KAVA coffee room
ERTI KAVA coffee room
Daria:Specialty coffee, breakfast menu from 8 AM to late, live music on weekends and support of local producers makes Erti Kava to a great place to spend your mornings, once in Tbilisi.
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Lunch Spots

Image - Puri Guliani
Puri Guliani
Daria:Best Adjaruli Khachapuri in town? Find it here, in a stylish place with a view over Mtkvari and famous Dry Bridge. Add to it a light salad or a soup - it will definitely make your day better after a long city walk. Also, fantastic dessert menu and very good coffee. Save a place for that or do a takeaway!
Image - Sofia Melnikovas Fantastiuri Duqani
Sofia Melnikovas Fantastiuri Duqani
Daria:Tucked in a courtyard between the Museum of Literature and Rustaveli Theatre, this spot is quite popular khinkali place in the city.
Image - Ezo
Daria:Recipes from the neighbors, products from the trusted farms and excellent tap wine make Ezo to a crowd-building spot of Sololaki neighborhood. Very recommended!
Image - Culinarium Khasheria
Culinarium Khasheria
Daria:Late lunch that replaces a breakfast after you've drank a lot the night before - that's what the mission of Khasheria is! Take a famous khashi, the tripe soup that gave the name to the place, or decide for the mushroom broth, if you are a vegetarian. Add a tomato and cheese plate (it will be better than any caprese you've ever tasted). Top it up with a glass of a local beer. Going to the sulfur bath before eating here will give you the ultimate Georgian hangover experience!

Fine Dining

Image - Meama
Daria:If I host gourmet guests, Meama is the best place for the first dinner or the farewell dinner. A fabulous view over the city, high Georgian cuisine and serious wine selection. My most popular choice is Sinori and pkhali as appetizer, and trout roll as main dish. Pair it with natural wine from Imereti region, and eat korkoti for dessert afterwards. Mmm!
Image - Barbarestan
Daria:While Tbilisi is a pretty casual place in general, Barbarestan is the restaurant, where you'd better wear something nice... and be prepared for surprises! Fine expensive wines together with food based on the old recipes from Barbare Jorjadze's cookbook will be a highlight of your Georgian trip. Unexpected combinations or sour, sweet and savoury, fresh products and extremely attentive staff is what makes this restaurant so famous!

Casual Dining

Image - ალუბალი Alubali
ალუბალი Alubali
Daria:A cute, green spot in the busy city center is offering fresh products and creative variations of the traditional dishes. My personal tips are: light salad, creamy gebzhalia, spicy kharcho and Adjarian baklava as a dessert!
Image - Shavi Lomi
Shavi Lomi
Daria:Have a Georgian supra, city style, in a secret garden on the left bank of Mtkvari. I definitely recommend to order Gobi - a set of appetizers that is not featured in the official menu. Add a rabbit, a trout or elarji as a main dish, order a carafe of house wine, and enjoy your evening!
Image - Veriko
Daria:A beautiful restaurant with excellent Georgian cuisine with an accent on the Western part of the country. A secret tip: you can start your evening with an aperitif at Veriko's brother bar Kikodze - next door!

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  1. ERTI KAVA coffee room
  2. Puri Guliani
  3. Sofia Melnikovas Fantastiuri Duqani
  4. Ezo
  5. Culinarium Khasheria
  6. Meama
  7. Barbarestan
  8. ალუბალი Alubali
  9. Shavi Lomi
  10. Veriko

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