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Bookshops in London

An eclectic collection of my favourite London bookshops

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The bookshops...

Image - Foyles
Julia's:My favourite bookshop for Young Adult books! They have an amazing selections that often includes imports from the US.
Image - Persephone Books
Persephone Books
Julia's:The vintage aesthetic in Persephone Books is very on point, and I love that they they specialise in publishing out of print books by female authors.
Image - The Alligator's Mouth
The Alligator's Mouth
Julia's:Based in the lovely London borough of Richmond, this children's bookshop is a lovely place to have a browse and then go for a wander around the area
Image - Waterstones
Julia's:Waterstones Piccadilly is the largest bookshop in Europe! With two cafes and a bar perched at the top, this shop is absolutely amazing.
Image - London - Hatchards - Piccadilly
London - Hatchards - Piccadilly
Julia's:Hatchards has a very grand feel and rightly so - they opened their doors in the 1700s and are London's oldest bookshop.
Image - Daunt Books
Daunt Books
Julia's:There are a few different branches of Daunt Books, but Marylebone is my favourite!
Image - Word On The Water
Word On The Water
Julia's:It's a bookshop on a boat and I absolutely adore it! Visit on a sunny day and eat lunch by the canal.
Image - John Sandoe (Books) Ltd
John Sandoe (Books) Ltd
Julia's:A charming bookshop selling a huge range of books, based in the very pretty (and fancy!) area Sloane Square.
Image - London Review Bookshop
London Review Bookshop
Julia's:A very thoughtfully curated store, I always feel intelligent when I visit the London Review Bookshop!
Image - Round Table Books
Round Table Books
Julia's:This one is a bit of a trek out of central London, but totally worth it - they specialise in selling inclusive books, which I think is wonderful and so important.
Image - Waterstones
Julia's:This Gower Street branch of Waterstones feels like a quirky independent bookshop, and has a whole section dedicated to the orange penguin classics.
Image - Skoob Books
Skoob Books
Julia's:A fab little second hand bookshop in central London, perfect for when you fancy a good rummage.
Image - Lutyens & Rubinstein
Lutyens & Rubinstein
Julia's:Definitely one of the prettiest little bookshops I've seen, look for the decorations hanging from the ceiling!
Image - Gosh! Comics
Gosh! Comics
Julia's:I adore this comic book shop, it's so full of character and an absolute pleasure to visit.
Image - The Second Shelf
The Second Shelf
Julia's:Tucked away near Piccadilly Circus, The Second Shelf focuses on selling rare books written by women.
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  1. Foyles
  2. Persephone Books
  3. The Alligator's Mouth
  4. Waterstones
  5. London - Hatchards - Piccadilly
  6. Daunt Books
  7. Word On The Water
  8. John Sandoe (Books) Ltd
  9. London Review Bookshop
  10. Round Table Books
  11. Waterstones
  12. Skoob Books
  13. Lutyens & Rubinstein
  14. Gosh! Comics
  15. The Second Shelf

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