Georgian Wineries You Should Visit

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Daria Kholodilina

Georgian Wineries You Should Visit

There are wineries with special stories behind. I'd recommend you those where the owners would speak English, so that you would be able to visit them yourself. But remember: booking in advance is always better!

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Image - Oda Family Marani
Oda Family Marani
Daria:Megrelian food with a twist and rare grape varieties!
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Image - Baia’s Wine
Baia’s Wine
Daria:Baia, Gvantsa and their family will make you fall in love with their wine and region!
Image - Toma's Wine Cellar
Toma's Wine Cellar
Daria:Very friendly hosts, good Imeretian food and nice homemade wine
Image - Nikoladzeebi's Wine Cellar
Nikoladzeebi's Wine Cellar
Daria:Georgian natural wines as they are - and the charm of Ramaz is simply crazy!


Image - Wine Artisans Chateau
Wine Artisans Chateau
Daria:Great wines, food and hospitality!
Image - Ori Marani Wines
Ori Marani Wines
Daria:French-Georgian project that will change your mind about the Georgian sparkling


Image - Chubini Wine Cellar • მარანი ჩუბინი
Chubini Wine Cellar • მარანი ჩუბინი
Daria:Traditional Kakhetian varieties and lovely hosts
Image - Antadze Winery
Antadze Winery
Daria:Founding father of Georgian natural winemaking, Niki Antadze loves experiments and offers very interesting wines to taste
Image - OKRO'S Natural Wine Restaurant
OKRO'S Natural Wine Restaurant
Daria:Light Kakhetian wines with a view

Wonderguide map

  1. Oda Family Marani
  2. Baia’s Wine
  3. Toma's Wine Cellar
  4. Nikoladzeebi's Wine Cellar
  5. Wine Artisans Chateau
  6. Ori Marani Wines
  7. Chubini Wine Cellar • მარანი ჩუბინი
  8. Antadze Winery
  9. OKRO'S Natural Wine Restaurant
  10. Lagazi Wine Cellar

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