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The intersection of Europe and Asia. Walk the halls of medieval architecture, adventure into dense forests or ramble along vineyards that are centuries old.

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Georgia in a nutshell

Georgia, or Saqartvelo as it’s known by its people, is a country at the intersection of Europe and Asia.

It was absorbed into the Soviet Union in 1921 and regained independence in 1991, after the fall of the USSR. It shares a long border with Russia, but has faced many challenges and disputes with its neighbor over the years. The official language is Georgian.

Why is Georgia so popular to visit?

Georgia is a country for people who want to experience something that their friends have not. Afterall, how many people do you know have been to Georgia? Curiosity lures many people to this country, and the hospitality, which Georgia is world-famous for, makes them want to stay forever. The cuisine is another element that draws tourists in, as is the wine. Did you know that Georgia is said to be the world’s oldest wine-making country? Just wait until you see how they make their wine. Of course, Georgia is a nature lover’s heaven, from the Black Sea coast to the Caucasus Mountain Range, you can experience it all. The best part of it all, you won't have to spend your life savings to enjoy a vacation here.

Things to do in Georgia

Most international flights will arrive to the capital city, Tbilisi. The centuries old fortress of Narikala, and then relax in the city’s beautiful sulfur baths. There are a number of cathedrals and ancients sites to explore in the capital. Outdoorsy people will enjoy spending time in the the Caucasus Mountains and visiting Mestia, a small town that offers great hiking and stunning views. Not too far from Mestia is the highest village in Europe, Ushguli. You probably don't think of wine when you think of Georgia, but this country has a gorgeous wine region called Kakheti where you can learn about the ancient methods used to make wine. And we do mean ancient...we're talking 8,000 years old!

What is the best time of year to visit Iceland?

Spring and autumn are generally seen as the two best seasons for visiting Georgia. The weather in both seasons is pleasant, and not too hot or too cold. Summer, especially in the capital, can get uncomfortably hot. While winter is generally cold and snowy, which is great for the ski resorts. Keep in mind that the country follows the Orthodox Church calendar, so plan accordingly when it comes to holidays and such. For example, Christmas is on the 7th of January!

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