Genoa - Pesto, Focaccia and much much more!

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Genoa - Pesto, Focaccia and much much more!

Genoa is a small and walkable city. The best way to explore the city is by allowing yourself to wander around and try all kinds of local delicious food.

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Wandering Around

Visiting Genoa is like hunting for treasures!

Image - Boccadasse
Camilla:A small fisherman's village, about 15 minutes from the historical center by car or about 1 hour walk. You can sit on the shore looking at the fishermen working at their nets after a fishing day while eating an amazing gelato or you can have a whole fish-based meal in one of the local restaurants.
Image - Spianata di Castelletto
Spianata di Castelletto
Camilla:What a view! Basically a birdeye view over the medieval historical center of the city and over the harbour! You can reach this spot by taking the elevator from Piazza del Portello (you need a ticket!) or walking up some pretty steep narrow streets!
Image - Centro storico di Genova
Centro storico di Genova
Camilla:Around the corners of its labyrinth of alleys you will find hidden gems! Just make sure to visit during the day, or together with some locals for some nightly "movida"
Image - Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi
Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi
Camilla:You can walk (almost) on the sea for 2 km! This amazing promenade is built in the rock and offers a unique view of the Mediterranean sea.
Image - Cattedrale di San Lorenzo
Cattedrale di San Lorenzo
Camilla:The most important church in Genoa. It has a range of styles on display that are enough to make it a tourist attraction. The exact copy of an unexploded bomb is preserved in the right aisle: the grenade was shot in 1941 by the British Royal Fleet during one of the worst attacks against the city of Genoa during the Second World war.
Image - Piazza De Ferrari
Piazza De Ferrari
Camilla:Genoa's Main Square. It is famous for its fountains!
Image - Porta Soprana
Porta Soprana
Camilla:One of the few surviving gates remaining from the so-called “Barbarossa walls”, built between 1155 and 1159!
Image - Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno
Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno
Camilla:One of the largest cemeteries in Europe, covers an area of more than a square km! It is famous for its monumental sculpture.
Image - Villa Durazzo-Pallavicini
Villa Durazzo-Pallavicini
Camilla:A villa with a 19th-century park in the English romantic style and a small botanical garden. The villa now houses the Museo di Archeologia Ligure, both park and botanical garden are open daily.
Image - Via Garibaldi
Via Garibaldi
Camilla:UNESCO-heritage, very typical street where most of Palazzi dei Rolli are
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Cheap Eats

Some of my favourite places to grab a snack on-the-go or to have a meal on a budget!

Image - La Cremeria delle Erbe
La Cremeria delle Erbe
Camilla:One of the most popular Gelato place within the city centre! Try their "semifreddo" recipes, yummmmm... delicious!
Image - Grom - Il Gelato come una volta
Grom - Il Gelato come una volta
Camilla:It is an Italian artisanal ice-cream chain you will find all over Italy, they have monthly tastes to complement their classic ones... everything they sell is gluten-free!
Image - Panificio Le bontà del grano
Panificio Le bontà del grano
Camilla:Hidden place, definitely worth a scavanger hunt... their Focaccia is one of the best, specially when still warm!
Image - Antica Sciamadda Genova
Antica Sciamadda Genova
Camilla:Try some local food: farinata, torta di riso and some delicious savoury pies!
Image - Don Paolo
Don Paolo
Camilla:Sicilian style gelato and sweets, just a few steps from Spianata Castelletto! Try one of their "granita" topped with cream!
Image - Trattoria da Maria
Trattoria da Maria
Camilla:An institution! You'll find tourists or locals having lunch, sharing a table. Very cheap, home-made super typical dishes!
Image - Cavour 21
Cavour 21
Camilla:Nice and informal place, looks like an ancient tavern. World-champion pesto served here!
Image - Panificio Mario Genova
Panificio Mario Genova
Camilla:Famous for its Focaccia, it is very busy in the morning as a lot of locals pass by to get some warm Focaccia Genovese!

What to do

A collection of favourite activities and experiences

Image - Aquarium of Genoa
Aquarium of Genoa
Camilla:It is the largest aquarium in Italy and also the second largest in Europe. You won't be disappointed nor will the little ones!
Image - Galata Museo del Mare
Galata Museo del Mare
Camilla:Reserve a full afternoon for this visit. Highlights are the floor dedicated to the Italian migration and the submarine visit!
Image - The City of Children and Young
The City of Children and Young
Camilla:A large facility dedicated to games, science and technology, designed for children aged 2 to 12 years old and open to families, groups and schools! Stay tuned for weekend events!
Image - Dialogo nel Buio
Dialogo nel Buio
Camilla:Learn how to interact without sight by using other senses and experience what it is like to be blind.
Image - Portofino
Camilla:You can hike from Ruta di Camogli, drive, take public transportation or a boat and explore this hidden gem, famous all over the world!
Image - Camogli
Camilla:You can drive, take public transportation or a boat and explore this cute little village... sit on the beach and enjoy some sun while eating some focaccia!
Image - Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre
Camilla:You can drive, take public transportation or a boat and explore this hidden gem, famous all over the world!
Image - Abbazia di San Fruttuoso
Abbazia di San Fruttuoso
Camilla:San Fruttuoso is a gorgeous cove that you can only reach by boat or by foot. Easiest way is to get a boat ride from Portofino!
Image - Museum of Natural History “Giacomo Doria”
Museum of Natural History “Giacomo Doria”
Camilla:Something different, definitely recommended for kids, but it is also a very interesting experience for adults!

Delicious Meals

Favourite places to have some serious meals

Image - Il Masetto
Il Masetto
Camilla:Spectacular! Watch out, at night a huge line of hungry people stands in the street, waiting for their hamburger. D-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!
Image - E. Prie Rosse Genova
E. Prie Rosse Genova
Camilla:Delicious food (meat is a must here) and even better wine! Pricey, but worth it!
Image - Strakkino
Camilla:Nice informal place, different options of pizza and focaccia, a must!
Image - MOG Mercato Orientale Genova
MOG Mercato Orientale Genova
Camilla:Originally a market, you can find now 11 tasting corners where you can try meat, fish, pasta, gourmet sandwiches, wine, tacos, pizza, focaccia and so on! Upstairs you can find a restaurant, specialized in Ligurian recipes!
Image - Zupp
Camilla:Central location, creamy soups are the main thing here! High quality of raw materials ensure an optimal result! Options for vegetarians and vegans!
Image - Antica Osteria Ravecca
Antica Osteria Ravecca
Camilla:Great local food, perfect place for lunch. Informal and welcoming atmosphere!
Image - Ristorante Capo Santa Chiara
Ristorante Capo Santa Chiara
Camilla:One of the best restaurants in Boccadasse, beautiful location. Fish and seafood mainly!
Image - Settepolpette
Camilla:Loads of vegetarian and vegan options, also some choice for those on a gluten-free diet!
Image - Le Rune
Le Rune
Camilla:Lovely fish dishes!
Image - Indarsena Oyster Bar
Indarsena Oyster Bar
Camilla:One of my favourites! I love their fish soup and carpaccio, but it's THE place to go if you like oysters! Owner and staff are super nice!

Wonderguide map

  1. Boccadasse
  2. Spianata di Castelletto
  3. Centro storico di Genova
  4. Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi
  5. Cattedrale di San Lorenzo
  6. Piazza De Ferrari
  7. Porta Soprana
  8. Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno
  9. Villa Durazzo-Pallavicini
  10. Via Garibaldi
  11. Genoa: Le Strade Nuove and the system of the Palazzi dei Rolli
  12. La Cremeria delle Erbe
  13. Grom - Il Gelato come una volta
  14. Panificio Le bontà del grano
  15. Antica Sciamadda Genova
  16. Don Paolo
  17. Trattoria da Maria
  18. Cavour 21
  19. Panificio Mario Genova
  20. Aquarium of Genoa
  21. Galata Museo del Mare
  22. The City of Children and Young
  23. Dialogo nel Buio
  24. Portofino
  25. Camogli
  26. Cinque Terre
  27. Abbazia di San Fruttuoso
  28. Museum of Natural History “Giacomo Doria”
  29. Il Masetto
  30. E. Prie Rosse Genova
  31. Strakkino
  32. MOG Mercato Orientale Genova
  33. Zupp
  34. Antica Osteria Ravecca
  35. Ristorante Capo Santa Chiara
  36. Settepolpette
  37. Le Rune
  38. Indarsena Oyster Bar

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