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The home of red squirrels, beautiful beaches and the wild Irish Sea!

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Image - National Trust
National Trust
Nancy:It gets very busy when it’s hot and sunny so it’s best to come early or get the the train.
Image - Formby Golf Club
Formby Golf Club
Nancy:Stunning landscape.
Image - Sorrento Formby Italian Restaurant
Sorrento Formby Italian Restaurant
Nancy:Family friendly and delicious.
Image - The Freshfield
The Freshfield
Nancy:Really great local pub with exciting ale and good food.
Image - National Trust Formby: Lifeboat Road Car Park
National Trust Formby: Lifeboat Road Car Park
Nancy:Quieter and just as fun. Most people head to the other car park.
Image - Formby Hall Golf Resort & Spa
Formby Hall Golf Resort & Spa
Nancy:Good hotel and easier to get a golf match than formby golf club.
Image - The Sparrowhawk
The Sparrowhawk
Nancy:A five minute drive but absolutely worth it!!
Image - Travelade Image
The Bake House Cafe
Nancy:Great local cafe. The pork pies are to die for.
Image - Formby Pool Trust
Formby Pool Trust
Nancy:Lovely local pool.
Image - Woodwards Winebar
Woodwards Winebar
Nancy:My favourite evening location.
Image - Riva Lounge
Riva Lounge
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Wonderguide map

  1. National Trust
  2. Formby Golf Club
  3. Sorrento Formby Italian Restaurant
  4. The Freshfield
  5. National Trust Formby: Lifeboat Road Car Park
  6. Formby Hall Golf Resort & Spa
  7. The Sparrowhawk
  8. The Bake House Cafe
  9. Formby Pool Trust
  10. Woodwards Winebar
  11. Riva Lounge
  12. Golf Tours International

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