Food Lover's Guide to Santiago, Chile

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Meredith Gaffney

Food Lover's Guide to Santiago, Chile

Rich in history and culinary diversity, you certainly won't go hungry in Santiago! From old school diner lunches to upscale international cuisine, there is delicious food waiting around every corner in Santiago! With a now thriving coffee scene, Santiago also has great places to kick-start your day!

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Top Coffee & Breakfast Spots in Santiago, Chile

Cold brew, pastries, and elaborate brunch dishes, Santiago has you covered for breakfast!

Image - Original Green Roasters
Original Green Roasters
Meredith:Best breakfast and coffee (including cold brew) in Santiago! Sweet breakfast options as well as savory like eggs benedict and more. Great hospitality as well. You'll want to go every day!
Image - Wonderland Café
Wonderland Café
Meredith:Wonderland has wonderful choices for breakfast, complete with great coffee! American or english breakfast plates of eggs, bagels, and many sweet creations will satisfy all your cravings. Top-notch service as well!
Image - Café Forastero
Café Forastero
Meredith:You'll find healthy sandwiches, fruit smoothies and egg dishes to give your body a break from all the indulgent food from the night before. Don't worry they also have excellent coffee, cakes and muffins to make Forastero a great stop.
Image - Bloom Specialty Coffee
Bloom Specialty Coffee
Meredith:Head to Bloom for a quick coffee and pastry on the go! Excellent coffee in a rustic and charming space!
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Best Lunch or Casual Dining in Santiago

Dine with locals and taste traditional foods in a welcoming setting.

Image - Bar Nacional 2
Bar Nacional 2
Meredith:One of the 4 original Santiago diners of another era. Soak in the nostalgia and elevated diner specialities, meat sandwiches, empanadas and so much more.
Image - Fuente Alemana
Fuente Alemana
Meredith:The ultimate king of old school sandwiches. Go here, order a giant sandwich, be happy.
Image - Sanguchería Ciudad Vieja
Sanguchería Ciudad Vieja
Meredith:Devour huge and indulgent sandwiches in a lovely building. Perfect for lunch or a casual dinner. Great beers, wine and drinks too!
Image - El Merendero Venezolano
El Merendero Venezolano
Meredith:At El Merendero you will be sure to have an authentic and satisfying meal, although Venezuelan not Chilean! Great setting with so many options, you may have to come twice.
Image - Travelade Image
La Nonna
Meredith:Delicious empanadas and other chilean bakery specialities!

Top Upscale Restaurants in Santiago

The best places for a fancy or special occasion dinner in Santiago

Image - Bocanáriz
Meredith:The ultimate destination for wine lovers! Their by the glass and bottle lists are insanely huge! You can do wine flights and pairings as well. In addition to the wine, come here for some of the best seafood and meat dishes you can find in Santiago. One of my most memorable meals!
Image - Mestizo
Meredith:Escape the city and experience fine dining overlooking Bicentenario Park. They feature great steaks as well as seafood dishes. Pricey, but its to be expected given the tranquil and upscale setting.
Image - Boragó
Meredith:An incredibly high end tasting experience featuring Chilean ingredients. A must-do for the most special of occasions. Book now. I've not had the chance to try yet, but those who have rave about it!
Image - Margo
Meredith:A modern and hip environment with great food to match. Beautiful decor and high quality dishes with great drinks. They have a few locations and even offer brunch.

Local Food Markets in Santiago

Fresh fruit, vegetables and more. Shop like a local!

Image - Vega Central
Vega Central
Meredith:The best place for fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, flowers and more. It's overwhelming but well worth the journey through the stalls and crowds of people. Stop and wonder at unique fruit you probably haven't ever eaten before.
Image - Central Market
Central Market
Meredith:Central market is bursting with fresh seafood to take home. If you're willing to pay the price, you can also have it cooked for you at some of the now touristy restaurants. Either way, its a great way to see the abundance of fish and sea creatures in South America.
Image - Mercado Mastica Bicentenario
Mercado Mastica Bicentenario
Meredith:Mastica is a collection of independent producers who come together to form an organic farmer's market, street food area, crafts market and more! Venture to Bicentenario Park to live your ultimate food fantasy and support locals.
Image - Mercado De Frutas Feria Libre
Mercado De Frutas Feria Libre
Meredith:On Wednesdays and Saturdays you can pick up fruit and vegetables as well as have freshly cooked lunch at this local market!

Wonderguide map

  1. Original Green Roasters
  2. Wonderland Café
  3. Café Forastero
  4. Bloom Specialty Coffee
  5. Bar Nacional 2
  6. Fuente Alemana
  7. Sanguchería Ciudad Vieja
  8. El Merendero Venezolano
  9. La Nonna
  10. Bocanáriz
  11. Mestizo
  12. Boragó
  13. Margo
  14. Vega Central
  15. Central Market
  16. Mercado Mastica Bicentenario
  17. Mercado De Frutas Feria Libre

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