Nature and the great outdoors in Helsinki

Top Nature Trips in and around Helsinki

Surrounded by the Baltic Sea and hundreds of islands on the one side and lakes and forests on the other, Helsinki has endless possibilities for nature trips are remarkably easy to embark on from populated areas.

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Otto Linna

26. November 2017

1. Nuuksio National Park

Nuuksio National Park
A national park less than one hour away from the center of a capital city is truly unique! The hiking trails and swimming spots in their natural state are well worth spending a full day. A longer overnight stay however is the way to go to get the best out of these lake highlands!

2. Vallisaari

Vallisaari Island outside of Helsinki
This island was earlier in the use of the armed forces but is now open to the public. Is mostly in it’s natural condition but also features interesting abandoned army bunkers and other buildings. Also reachable by ferry from the city center.

3. Walking, skating and skiing on the frozen sea

Urban skier outside of Helsinki
Definitely the best thing to do on a sunny winter day! There are several maintained tracks around the city coasts. Usually the ice is thick enough in the time period ranging from end of January to some time around April. The thickness of the ice and condition of each track can be found from the city government website.

4. Suomenlinna Sea Fortress

Suomenlinna Island outside of Helsinki
This UNESCO world heritage site has lots of bunkers, walls, tunnels and other fortifications to explore. The view to the city, the Baltic Sea with it’s passing by cruise ships are astonishing and there are several cafés and restaurants. There are ferries going every 20 minutes from the Market Square in the city center. Expect to spend several hours here!

5. Seurasaari Island

Outdoor museum outside of Helsinki
This outdoor museum features old log huts, farmsteads and manors which display the way of life in Finland of the past four centuries. The island is very close and easily reachable from the city and it’s rocky hills, forests, beaches and tame animals combined with the delightful old buildings make for a great retreat from busy city life.

6. Archipelago cruises

Pier Island HelsinkiSeveral companies offer cruises around the hundreds of islands surrounding Helsinki all the way from May to September.

7. Central Park

Helsinki Central Park
Helsinki Central Park offers fresh air just a short walking distance away from the center. Despite it’s name, it’s actually a forest mostly in it’s natural state instead of a park. Contains four conservation areas and several hiking trails.