Beautiful architecture in Helsinki

Best Sightseeing Spots in Helsinki

I have done sightseeing rounds around Helsinki for friends visiting from abroad several times. All this time spent going around the city helped create an efficient sightseeing route, which I have listed here.

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Otto Linna

26. November 2017

Visiting all these places can easily be done in one day, depending on your pace. These are definitely the most instagrammable spots Helsinki has to offer!

Senate Square & Helsinki Cathedral

Senate Square in Helsinki
We are starting our tour from the historical central square of the city. The Senate Square features the pearly white Helsinki Cathedral among other historically and architecturally exquisite buildings, such as the Government Palace and the University of Helsinki main building. Best enjoyed on a sunny day on top of the cathedral stairs!

Old Market Hall

Old Market Hall in Helsinki
Opened in 1889, the Old Market Hall showcases all the delicious food Finland has to offer. Merchants sell everything from fish to vegetables and cakes. The best place to buy Finnish reindeer meat and chocolate as souvenirs. Try the salmon soup!

Esplanadi park

Esplanade Park Helsinki
This park surrounded with magnicifent architecture and statues is the most popular picnic spot during the summer.

Hotel Torni

Hotel Torni Helsinki
This old tower hotel is the best vantage point of the city. Hotel Torni also features a bar on the top and as a plus there is toilet with a 180-degree view to the city skyline.

Kamppi Chapel of Silence

Helsinki Kamppi Chapel of Silence
Finnish people sure do enjoy silence. This weird wooden box is right in the center of the city and it’s main feature is that it’s completely sound-isolated. You can stop by here for free to relax and enjoy the complete silence.

Temppeliaukio Church

Remppeliaukio Churck in Helsinki
Even if you don’t find churches interesting, this one is definitely worth the visit! It’s basically built inside a rock and generally features architecture very distinct from any other church you’ve probably ever seen before. Also a very popular tourist site, the entrance costs 3€. Close by there are several souvenir shops.

Sibelius Monument                                                

Sibelius Monument in Helsinki
This sculpture consisting of over 600 hollow steel pipes is dedicated to the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius and is probably the most photographed object in the city.

Café Regatta

Cafe Regatta in Helsinki
This lovely little café just next to the Sibelius park is located in an old fishing hut maintains most of it’s old fishing village vibe so it’s a perfect spot to take a little break from walking.

Seeing the Jugend architecture

Colorful buildings in Helsinki
From Regatta you can head back to the city center and the Meripuisto park in the southern waterfront. All of the most picturesque buildings are located here and in Huvilakatu street. Continue east towards Kaivopuisto park and climb on top of the hill to the old observatory.

Suomenlinna Sea Fortress

Suomenlinna Sea Fortress in Finland
Continue back to the Market square, where you can hop on a ferry which takes you to the most visited tourist site in the city. Suomenlinna is an UNESCO world heritage site and has lots of bunkers, walls, tunnels and other fortifications to explore. The view to the city, the Baltic Sea with it’s passing by cruise ships are astonishing and there are several cafés and restaurants. Expect to spend several hours here!