6 Great restaurants in Helsinki

6 Wonderful Restaurants in Helsinki

Every time you go to somewhere new you’ll want to know where to get the best grub. This list presents six wonderful Helsinki restaurants, which will for sure satisfy your earthly desires when it comes to food.

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Mikko Tammilehto

26. November 2017

The general rule is: if you know you’re going to a restaurant on weekend, you should always book a table. Of course it doesn’t hurt to book a table for other days either. Booking a table should be easy, because most Finns especially in Helsinki speak rather good English.

Here are the restaurants you should check out:

1. Muru

This is a restaurant that serves classical French-style cuisine with their own modern way. Muru might be one of the hottest restaurants in Helsinki right now, so if you’re looking to go you better start booking a table!

A daily menu costs 52€ and it definitely is more than worth it. You can also add a perfectly paired wine menu to go with your food. The wine menus usually cost around 60€. It might seem expensive at a glance, but trust me, it will be worth it.

2. Grön

A perfect restaurant for vegetarians, but also for everyone else! Grön (meaning ”green” in Swedish) focuses on seasonal, organic and Scandinavian produce. High quality is implemented quite well on their work indeed.

A compact á la carte -menu can surprise you with its deliciousness. Or you can choose the four course ”Grön Menu”. What grows now will determinate what you’ll eat at Grön.

3. Lappi

A piece of Lapland in Helsinki. This restaurant will of course provide you with a cool experience as well as a short escape to the deep north of Finland. Everything in this restaurant reminds you of Finnish Lapland.

Anthony Bourdain also visited here while making an episode about Finland for his well known TV-show ”No reservations”.

Clean flavors, well-picked ingredients and the atmosphere of this restaurant has a good possibility to blow your mind away!

4. Saaga

Yes, there is another restaurant with a Lapland theme! A piece of the rugged nature and heartwarming feel of Lapland is sometimes more than needed in the Capital City environment.

Small-producer ingredients from Lapland is the focus of this restaurant. Their kitchen will change the simplest of things into a delicious dinner. The clean flavors of Lappish nature await you!

5. Rivoli

A classic for classical French cuisine since 1962. This restaurant might have slightly higher prices than the others in this list, but you’ll forget all about money when you enjoy their extremely delicious food.

This restaurant was a game-changer in Finnish restaurant scene during its establishment and following years. Ragni Rissanen, the first owner, brought unforeseen techniques, dishes and ingredients to Finland during the 60’s.

The place still truly deserves its place on the must visit list of restaurants in Helsinki.

6. Passio

”We offer scandinavian-european products seasoned with spices around the world without unnecessary trickeries”. This is what they are about. Their passion for handcraft and quality clearly reflects through their cooking.

Passio’s scandinavian-european kitchen will certainly surprise you in a good way. They work closely with small producers and ensure the quality first hand.

You can choose from a menu of three or five courses that change every night. A paired wine menu costs between 35-59€ depending on how many courses you have.