Finnish Sauna in Helsinki

5 Saunas You Must Visit in Helsinki

Helsinki has many public saunas. These might just be the best and coolest ones. Make sure you take time to visit at least one!

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Mikko Tammilehto

26. November 2017

Finland, home of the Sauna. Visiting this beautiful country you can only postpone this for so long. Eventually it will happen. It should happen. Here you can find a real, good ol’ Finnish sauna and all that comes with it.

1. Kotiharjun sauna

The exterior of Kotiharjun sauna, Helsinki. Photo: WikimediaCommons. 

This famous public sauna in Kallio, Helsinki is the last one with a wood-fired sauna stove. You don’t need to reserve a spot from this sauna, just pop in and enjoy! Neither is your time limited here, stay as long as you want and without a rush.

You can rent a towel, buy a vihta for yourself, enjoy some refreshments and get something to nibble from the sauna cashier.

This is an urban sauna experience you’ll never get in any other city. Do this while you can!

  • Address: Harjutorinkatu 1
  • Opening hours: Tue-Sun 14:00-20:00, closed on Mondays.
  • Price: 13€

2. Allas Sea Pool

A sunny day in Allas Sea Pool, Helsinki. Photo: WikimediaCommons. 

Located at the heart of Helsinki, in the Kauppatori Market Square with a view to the sea. This sauna is one of the newest in town.

The large wooden building made of spruce really catches your eye when you stroll away at Kauppatori. The roomy building fits 3500 visitors simultaneously. Allas Sea Pool is an oasis for a thorough relaxation and enjoyment. Cleanse your soul in the hot steams of a proper sauna and then quickly dip into the cold seawater pool!

A café, restaurant, shop, winter garden and rooftop terraces will satisfy your every need in addition to your sauna experience. They also organize yoga classes, pilates and some water sports as well.

  • Address: Katajanokanlaituri 2A
  • Opening hours for Pools and Saunas: Mon-Fri 06:15-22:00, Sat 09:00-22:00, Sun 10:00-20:00
  • Price: 12€

3. Sompasauna

The colourful exterior of Sompasauna. Photo: WikimediaCommons. 

Located at the far end of Sompasaari, this sauna requires a bit of walking to get to. However, you’ll forgive the walking part to the sauna when you get there.

This sauna is something that you really really need to experience. You won’t find this kind of a place anywhere else in the world. It’s free, people are nice, there’s always someone there – and most importantly – the steam is hot.

”Established” in 2011, when a couple of friends found an abandoned sauna stove. They decided to figure out some use for it, so they did the thing that any sensible Finnish person would do – they built a sauna. They built a shack around the stove and Sompasauna was born. The rest is history. Nowadays this complex has two or three saunas in total.

The place for this sauna couldn’t be any better either. It’s located at the far end of Sompasaari and it has a picturesque view to the sea from the shore. Next to the sauna you’ll find wooden stairs too, so you can go swimming after you’ve enjoyed the hot steam.

Remember to bring your own refreshments and buy them in advance! There are no shops in the vicinity.

  • Address: No real address, but this will help (
  • Opening hours: No opening hours. Free for everyone. Just fire up the stove and enjoy.
  • Price: Free of charge, but you might need to cut some wood for the stove while you get there.

4. Löyly

The wooden exterior and terrace of the Löyly sauna, by the ocean in Helsinki. Photo: WikimediaCommons. 

Löyly – the single Finnish word for the steam that evaporates from the sauna stove when thrown into the hot stones.

A colossal sauna complex, bit similar to Allas. This one is located in Hernesaari waterfront, a more peaceful place than Allas Sea Pool in Kauppatori.

Löyly also has it all; restaurant, café, and a terrace. Architecturally beautiful, the building itself is an amazement. This place is a pioneer in ecological and environmentally sustainable building. Sustainability reaches from the certified materials used in the building process all the way to the choices in the restaurant’s menu.

5. Arlan Sauna

Arlan Sauna in Helsinki. Photo: Arlan Sauna @ Facebook. 

Like Kotiharjun Sauna, this too is located in Kallio. It’s been a sanctuary for Finns, providing soul-cleansing steams since 1929. This place has also a steam-room, which is warmed up with natural gas and wood.

Arlan Sauna is a piece of cultural heritage of Helsinki. You can bring your own refreshments or buy them on the spot. It’s possible to rent a towel and buy a vihta too when you want to cleanse your soul.

If you’re lucky, you might encounter a washer or a cupper to further enhance your sauna experience.

  • Address: Hernesaarenranta 4
  • Opening hours: Wed-Fri 15:00-21:30, Sat-Sun 14:00-21:30
  • Price: 14€