Faro city

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Faro city

Not only the city with the region airport.

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Image - Faro Airport
Faro Airport
João Calapez da:one of the points of entery of the city.
Image - Associação Recreativa E Cultural De Músicos
Associação Recreativa E Cultural De Músicos
João Calapez da:A place where the cultural activities take place, meet local artists and art
Image - Igreja do Carmo
Igreja do Carmo
João Calapez da:here you can also see a bone chappel
Image - Faro Old Town
Faro Old Town
João Calapez da:A magical place where you can emerge into the old city walls
Image - Outro Lado
Outro Lado
Image - Faro Marina
Faro Marina
João Calapez da:All the routes in Faro leads to the marina.
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Wonderguide map

  1. Faro Airport
  2. Well'Come The Algarve Hostel
  3. A Casa d'Amelie
  4. Associação Recreativa E Cultural De Músicos
  5. Igreja do Carmo
  6. Cathedral of Faro
  7. Faro Old Town
  9. Outro Lado
  10. Faro Marina

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