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London Florals 2019

The best places to find florals around London!

Image - A.O.K Kitchen & Bakery
A.O.K Kitchen & Bakery
ExploringLondon:This is a brand new opening in Marylebone and it's stunning with blossom trees climbing the walls and ceiling!
Image - Annabel's
ExploringLondon:Annabel's is a private club in Mayfair and it's always decked out in the most insane, extravagant decorations for the season!
Image - Covent Garden
Covent Garden
ExploringLondon:Covent Garden always has new displays popping up over the seasons on the piazza - it's a must when you visit London!
Image - Dalloway Terrace
Dalloway Terrace
ExploringLondon:This place gets a makeover every season and it's incredible, you feel like you're dining on a film set!
Image - Drunch Mayfair
Drunch Mayfair
ExploringLondon:Drunch is completely decked out in florals all year round and has delicious brunch options!
Image - ELAN Cafe
ExploringLondon:Elan cafe know how to do Instagram with their pink obsession. Such a gorgeous, floral experience every time!
Image - Feya
ExploringLondon:Feya is small but beautiful and their food is all so beautiful, complete with edible flowers!
Image - Jardin du Jasmin
Jardin du Jasmin
ExploringLondon:This cute little place has a ceiling adorned in hanging plants and lightbulbs, it's magical!
Image - Nobu Hotel Shoreditch
Nobu Hotel Shoreditch
ExploringLondon:There's a hidden terrace in this hotel and it's decked out in the most gorgeous pink florals, you wouldn't even know from the outside!
Image - The Ivy Chelsea Garden
The Ivy Chelsea Garden
ExploringLondon:The Ivy Chelsea Garden is gorgeous, it's floral shop front gets updated seasonally and the inside is just as beautiful!
Image - Milk Train
Milk Train
ExploringLondon:Milk train does some of the most instagrammable desserts in London and the inside of the shop looks like a floral train!
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London Parks

We Londoners love our parks, here's a collection of our favourites! 🌳🌳🌳

Image - Battersea Park
Battersea Park
ExploringLondon:Battersea Park is beautiful and HUGE, lots of paved paths, a GoApe, a children's zoo and it's got a wonderful peace pagoda!
Image - Greenwich Park
Greenwich Park
ExploringLondon:The view you get from Greenwich Park is incredible, climb up high enough and you can see the London skyline!
Image - Green Park
Green Park
ExploringLondon:Green park is beautiful, particularly because of the giant trees which look incredible when in blossom in the spring and then when everything turns orange in the autumn!
Image - Hampstead Heath
Hampstead Heath
ExploringLondon:Hampstead Heath is rich in wildlife ad has extensive sports facilities! You'll also find swimming ponds here and a Lido!
Image - Kensington Gardens
Kensington Gardens
ExploringLondon:Kensington Gardens were once the private gardens of Kensington Palace so you can imagine how beautiful this place is.
Image - Hyde Park
Hyde Park
ExploringLondon:A fave for all of us during the summer time, and it's massive! There's always something going on too, and activities like horse-riding and rowing!
Image - Primrose Hill
Primrose Hill
ExploringLondon:Primrose Hill is part of Regent's Park and it's great because of the view you get at the top of the hill of the London skyline! You can also sort of see into London Zoo!
Image - Richmond Park
Richmond Park
ExploringLondon:Richmod Park is beautiful, especially the misty view of the river you get from the top, and let's not forget those deer!
Image - Victoria Park
Victoria Park
ExploringLondon:Head to East London to see this beauty and they also have a beautiful, hidden pagoda!
Image - Holland Park
Holland Park
ExploringLondon:Holland Park is one of my favourites, not only because of the peacocks and the giant chess board, but there's also the beautiful Japanese Kyoto Garden!

London Coffee Shops

All our favourite coffee shops and cafes around London!

Image - The Pilgrm
The Pilgrm
ExploringLondon:The Pilgrm is a hotel in Paddington that has a hidden coffee shop selling workshop coffee and it has the most beautiful lounge too!
Image - The Monocle Café London
The Monocle Café London
ExploringLondon:The Monocle Cafe does delicious coffee and the vibe in here is also so cool!
Image - Kioskafe
ExploringLondon:Kioskafe is a branch of Monocle and it's the cutest, tiniest little coffee shop with a beautiful range of books and magazines too!
Image - TAP Coffee No.114
TAP Coffee No.114
ExploringLondon:Love the vibe in TAP Coffee No. 114 in Tottenham Court Road, it's also super work friendly, everyone's always got their laptops out!

London Vegan Food

The best vegan finds in London!

Image - Two Peas
Two Peas
ExploringLondon:Two peas serves fast vegan food and we couldn't believe everything - the pizzas, burgers, shakes and the desserts - were all vegan! SO GOOD!
Image - Slaw
ExploringLondon:Slaw was a feast both for our bellies and our eyes! Everything was beautifully presented, and they use the freshest ingredients. SO GOOD.
Image - Nem Nem
Nem Nem
ExploringLondon:Nem Nem is a little Vietnamese plates restaurant and their menu is literally divided in half, with one side being non-vegan, the other side being vegan and so the options are huge!
Image - Genesis Shoreditch
Genesis Shoreditch
ExploringLondon:Genesis is an all pink wonderland and they use avocado oil in their cooking which gives their food a smoky flavour. They have an extensive, creative menu, with inspiration from all over the world!

London Landmarks

These are the major landmarks around London that every tourist needs to see! 💂

Image - Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace
ExploringLondon:The residence of the Queen. There's also a horse-guard's parade every morning that's just like nothing else you'll see!
Image - Big Ben
Big Ben
ExploringLondon:Ben may be all scaffold-ed up right now, but he's still a huge part of our landscape, including the Houses of Parliament!
Image - Coca-Cola London Eye
Coca-Cola London Eye
ExploringLondon:The London Eye gives you all the views of the capital in one round trip! It's also the centre-piece of our new year's fireworks!
Image - Tower of London
Tower of London
ExploringLondon:So much history behind the Tower of London and home of the Crown Jewels. They always have great exhibitions on too!
Image - St. Paul's Cathedral
St. Paul's Cathedral
ExploringLondon:St Paul's has been here for over 1400 years and it's a beauty. You can also go up One New Change which is a little shopping outlet, to get spectacular views of St Paul's from the rooftop terrace!
Image - The Shard
The Shard
ExploringLondon:This is a 95 storey skyscraper that has incredible views from the top and fancy restaurants too! It's the tallest building in the whole of the UK!
Image - Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge
ExploringLondon:This gorgeous bridge requires no explanation. It opens its middle portion when larger boats sail through and it's something everyone needs to see!

Wonderguide map

  1. A.O.K Kitchen & Bakery
  2. Annabel's
  3. Covent Garden
  4. Dalloway Terrace
  5. Drunch Mayfair
  6. ELAN Cafe
  7. Feya
  8. Jardin du Jasmin
  9. Nobu Hotel Shoreditch
  10. The Ivy Chelsea Garden
  11. Milk Train
  12. Battersea Park
  13. Greenwich Park
  14. Green Park
  15. Hampstead Heath
  16. Kensington Gardens
  17. Hyde Park
  18. Primrose Hill
  19. Richmond Park
  20. Victoria Park
  21. Holland Park
  22. The Pilgrm
  23. The Monocle Café London
  24. Kioskafe
  25. TAP Coffee No.114
  26. Two Peas
  27. Slaw
  28. Nem Nem
  29. Genesis Shoreditch
  30. Buckingham Palace
  31. Big Ben
  32. Coca-Cola London Eye
  33. Tower of London
  34. St. Paul's Cathedral
  35. The Shard
  36. Tower Bridge

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