Exploring East Pelion

Wonderguide by

Marina Chatzidai

Exploring East Pelion

Follow me at East Pelion and enjoy the real meaning of it! Feel it, breathe it, live it!!!

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Places to be!!!

Few places that i have chosen and you have to visit them!

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Beaches around to swim

Some of the most outstanding beaches of East Pelion

Image - Chorefto Beach
Chorefto Beach
Marina:In this beach of 2km you can find anything that you may need. In the center of it you will find all the organized part with taverns, cafeterias, market, bar etc. Going to the North you will meet a more "sandy" beach while walking to the South part of it there are stones inside the sea and outside to the beach. But what you will find everywhere around is the crystal clear waters of Aegean Sea!
Image - Port of Chorefto
Port of Chorefto
Marina:Whenever Chorefto is windy and with waves you can always swim at the little port of Chorefto. Ideal for families with small children. Although most of the time there are small boats, the waters are clean. It is located to the South part of the beach, right in front of Chorefto camp. There you will find also boat rental services and canoe kayak activity.
Image - Agii Saranta Beach
Agii Saranta Beach
Marina:The locals call this beach "The Thailand Beach" and if you visit it you will understand immediately the reason :) Walk to the South end of the beach, till "Sarande Restaurant" or even further till "Monk Bar". During summer prefer to visit this beach early in the morning as there is not enough space to park and the access is kind of challenging.
Image - Damouchari beach
Damouchari beach
Marina:This unique location that looks like an island it used to be pirates' village and port. Also, few years before it was one of the backstage places of the famous "Mama Mia" musical. It is divided in 2 small and beautiful beaches. From one part you will see the natural port and from the other side the white and protected stone beach.
Image - Mylopotamos Beach
Mylopotamos Beach
Marina:One of the most famous beaches of East Pelion. When you will visit it you will understand the reason! Green- blue crystal clear waters in an outstanding location. Walk down from the parking place to the beach and cross the hole in the rock so as to arrive to the other half part of the beach with the caves ;)
Image - Plaka Beach
Plaka Beach
Marina:Small natural pools and natural shadow are 2 of the many amazing characteristics of this unique beach next to Agios Ioannis beach. You arrive here through the small and beautiful village "Anilio" and through "Hotel Eden". Use their parking for the most easy access to the beach.
Image - Elitsa Beach
Elitsa Beach
Marina:This non touristic beach is the absolute example of East Pelion beauty. The wild forest arrives until this rocky beach, while the small hidden church waits for you to discover it! The broken heart inside the sea is another characteristic spot of this amazing place

My Gastronomy Recommendations 🍽🍷

Places that I have visited and most of the times where excellent!

Image - Niki's Taverna
Niki's Taverna
Marina:Local tavern, home cooked food, great balcony with sea view
Image - Αρχοντικό Στάμου
Αρχοντικό Στάμου
Marina:The best breakfast ever! Full, home cooked and served always with a smile! Everyday different with fresh and local ingredients. During summer time it is offered at the yard of this cozy hotel, "Archontiko Stamou Boutique Hotel". It is advisable to pre-book your place at least 1 day before.
Image - Polydroso restaurant
Polydroso restaurant
Marina:Great atmosphere, amazing owners, unique tastes
Image - Πλυμάρι Ταβέρνα - Plimari Tavern
Πλυμάρι Ταβέρνα - Plimari Tavern
Marina:Fresh ingredients, handmade pies and bread, location to forget yourself!
Image - Aggelika Fish Taverna
Aggelika Fish Taverna
Marina:Fresh fish, nice place, great staff
Image - Σεβάχ-Sevah
Marina:For tsipouro and meze or for home cooked food it is one of the best choices
Image - To Kima
To Kima
Marina:Simple and nice in front of the sea
Image - Makēs
Marina:Local tavern with nice and economical food
Image - Aleka's House
Aleka's House
Marina:A restaurant with history. Beautiful place, nice food
Image - Ψητοπωλείο "ο Ψηλός"
Ψητοπωλείο "ο Ψηλός"
Marina:Located at the main square of Zagora village (Ag.Georgios square) offers good grill food and salads. It offers live greek music from time to time in a beautiful atmosphere.
Image - Πέτρος ο Σώγαμπρος , Petros o Sogabros
Πέτρος ο Σώγαμπρος , Petros o Sogabros
Marina:Just in front of the beach is a good choice for light lunch and dinner

Hiking Tours

Some recommended hiking tours that you can do with your family

Wonderguide map

  1. Kissos
  2. Pelion Ski Centre
  3. Mega Rema waterfall
  4. Waterfall Katafidi
  5. Chorefto Beach
  6. Port of Chorefto
  7. Agii Saranta Beach
  8. Damouchari beach
  9. Mylopotamos Beach
  10. Plaka Beach
  11. Elitsa Beach
  12. Niki's Taverna
  13. Αρχοντικό Στάμου
  14. Polydroso restaurant
  15. Πλυμάρι Ταβέρνα - Plimari Tavern
  16. Aggelika Fish Taverna
  17. Σεβάχ-Sevah
  18. To Kima
  19. Makēs
  20. Aleka's House
  21. Ψητοπωλείο "ο Ψηλός"
  22. Πέτρος ο Σώγαμπρος , Petros o Sogabros
  23. Centaurs' path

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