Explore Cairo as a local

Wonderguide by

Ahmed Gamal

Explore Cairo like a local

You will never know the soul of any place unless you live it. In this guide I will take you to the real Cairo and show you where you eat, have fun and hang around like a local in secret places and locations without affectation or fake soul.

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Taste Original Local Food in Cairo

Enjoy the Egyptian traditional food that you won't find anywhere else!!

Image - Fasahat Somaya
Fasahat Somaya
Ahmed:Somaya is a nice lady from upper Egypt. At her restaurant she serves food with the mommy concept – healthy and well cooked food. Unless you want to be shouted at, like any mom do to her son, you have to finish your dishes. But as the food is very tasty and the atmosphere is very homey you will most likely finish all your food and ask for more!
Image - Abla Quail
Abla Quail
Ahmed:This restaurant offers grilled dishes like chicken, beef, Kabab and liver but they are mainly specialized in a great one, grilled quail which you won't find anyone in Egypt cooking it like them.
Image - El Madina Restaurant
El Madina Restaurant
Ahmed:El Madina restaurant offers what's Egyptians call accessories for buffalo, cows and lambs like Kidney, liver and sausage. It would be a great experience to try and enjoy extremely traditional Egyptian food.
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Cairo Nightlife

Let's chill out and experience charming Cairo in the after hours.

Image - After Eight
After Eight
Ahmed:It's a local bar suitable for those in their early 20s who want to spend a crazy night dancing under the bright lights.
Image - Cairo Jazz Club
Cairo Jazz Club
Ahmed:With a large amount of options of food and drinks, you can spend a rocky evening in Cairo Jazz club while a lively musicians and dancers all around the place enjoy the atmosphere.
Image - Cairo Opera House
Cairo Opera House
Ahmed:Here you will find elegant parties that require formal dress for the most famous musicians and singers in the world in a hall next to underground youthful parties.
Image - Mall of Arabia
Mall of Arabia
Ahmed:You can spend a whole day here shopping, eating, entertaining and watching a movie at modern new cinemas.

Old is Gold

Let's take a tour in Cairo old history and lifestyle

Image - Al Moez Ldin Allah Al Fatmi
Al Moez Ldin Allah Al Fatmi
Ahmed:Al Moez street is one of the oldest streets in Egypt. On this 700 years old street, you can feel and sense the old Islamic history and architecture on every corner. You will also find museums and many other interesting places to visit.
Image - Salah El Din Al Ayouby Citadel
Salah El Din Al Ayouby Citadel
Ahmed:This nearly 1000 years old citadel is situated on a high point where you can see the entire Cairo. Here you can sense and see the traces of old wars as the citadel was built to defend Egypt against invasions.
Image - Khan el-Khalili
Khan el-Khalili
Ahmed:Before you head back home you need to come here and buy gifts for family and friends. In the alleys you will find all kinds of accessories, souvenirs, traditional clothes and gifts. However, you'll need to bargain with the sellers to get the best deal.
Image - Al-Azhar Mosque
Al-Azhar Mosque
Ahmed:This center of religious Islamic teaching in the world is one of the oldest mosques in Egypt, where you will find peace and great Islamic architecture.

Let's Have a Picnic in the Open Air

Enjoy the bright sun, the green areas and the fresh air.

Image - Al Azhar Park
Al Azhar Park
Ahmed:From a high point between the green gardens and fresh air you have a view over the old Cairo houses and streets. The park also has a beautiful lake with a nice restaurant and a playing area for kids.
Image - Family Park
Family Park
Ahmed:A large park with various activities and sceneries. The park is extremely wide so there is a train that you can ride to the different parts of the park.
Image - قرية الريف العربى
قرية الريف العربى
Ahmed:The Arabic Urban Village is a good place to spend a day in the fresh air surrounded by village atmosphere, food and activities. There is a kids area and a swimming pool so you will have a relaxing day at a low price.
Image - Nile Cruisers
Nile Cruisers
Ahmed:From any spot of the Nile River Corniche in Cairo you can pick up a small boat or a yacht and have a nice Nile tour. Enjoy your day and relax your mind on this great river.

Wonderguide map

  1. Fasahat Somaya
  2. Abla Quail
  3. El Madina Restaurant
  4. After Eight
  5. Cairo Jazz Club
  6. Cairo Opera House
  7. Mall of Arabia
  8. Al Moez Ldin Allah Al Fatmi
  9. Salah El Din Al Ayouby Citadel
  10. Khan el-Khalili
  11. Al-Azhar Mosque
  12. Al Azhar Park
  13. Family Park
  14. قرية الريف العربى
  15. Nile Cruisers

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