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Aruba is an island full of pristine beaches, excellent hotels, tons of activities, and friendly flamingoes! Here are my picks for the best things to do in Aruba!

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There is no shortage of amazing activities to try on Aruba. Here are some of my faves!

Image - Pelican Adventures
Pelican Adventures
Christy:Taking a snorkel cruise with Pelican Adventures was one of my favorite activities in Aruba. The cruise lets you chill on the boat with food, drinks, and live music when you're not exploring in the water. Also, this cruise will bring you to a famous WWII shipwreck, the S.S. Antilla -- one of the largest in the Caribbean!
Image - Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino
Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino
Christy:Visiting the Flamingoes at the Renaissance Resort & Casino is an iconic Aruba experience. The hotel is away from the crowds, and the flamingoes are right on the beach. You can visit the flamingoes even if you're not staying at this hotel by purchasing a day pass to the island.
Image - Conchi
Christy:The conchi is a natural pool surrounded by volcanic rock on Aruba's north side. To visit, you can take a sunrise horseback tour there, where you'll be able to swim upon arrival. This is one of the most picturesque, memorable activities you can do in Aruba!
Image - Eagle Beach
Eagle Beach
Christy:Known as one of the best beaches in the world, Eagle Beach is large with soft white sand. This relaxing oasis is the perfect spot to see sea turtles hatching and to catch the sunset.
Image - Palm Beach
Palm Beach
Christy:Known for being a relaxing beach with calm waters, Palm Beach is the perfect place to rent a rubber raft and get some Vitamin D. Plus, raft rentals cost just $5 a day!
Image - Bugaloe
Christy:If you're looking for a bit of a party, then attending Saturday night Karaoke at Bungaloe is the perfect option! This laid-back beach house is right on the water and features open walls and a grass roof. Plus, they host a happy hour during karaoke if you need a little bit of liquid courage.
Image - Mangel Halto
Mangel Halto
Christy:Mangel Halto is the perfect place to go swimming, stand-up paddleboarding and snorkeling. These calm waters feature a beautiful reef with colorful fish, and there's even a guided drift snorkel for easy swimming.
Image - Pier Water Sports
Pier Water Sports
Christy:One of the best things to do in Palm Beach is to go banana boating with Pier Water Sports! These big inflatable rafts seat up to 10 people and are pulled by a speedboat. Don't expect to stay on the raft for long, but do expect to have a blast getting bounced around on the water!
Image - California Lighthouse
California Lighthouse
Christy:With a beautiful overlook and the California White Sand Dunes nearby, the California lighthouse is a scenic place to go on the northwest tip of Aruba.
Image - Beach Tennis Aruba
Beach Tennis Aruba
Christy:An activity that will be sure to give you a great workout, Beach Tennis in Aruba is more like paddle ball with a net. It's surprisingly fun!
Image - Baby Beach
Baby Beach
Christy:For some more great snorkeling in Aruba, check out Baby Beach! You'll find this place to be a more local experience, and the waters here are pristine.
Image - De Palm Tours Aruba
De Palm Tours Aruba
Christy:De Palm Tours Aruba is where to go to get your tickets for the Carubbian Festival. This fun festival happens every Thursday night and you can expect performers, dancing, vendors, and amazing local food.
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Best Accommodation

I've now had the opportunity to visit Aruba twice. These hotels are where I stayed on each respective trip.

Image - Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino
Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino
Christy:Located right on Palm Beach, the Hilton Aruba features two pools, dozens of beach palapas, and five restaurants. During my stay, I had a great view from the balcony, and one of the best meals of my trip at their beachfront restaurant! Plus, it's only a 22-minute drive from the airport!
Image - Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino
Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino
Christy:A 30-minute cab ride from the airport, I was very impressed with my stay at Aruba Marriott Resort. The decor was pretty, I had a great view from the balcony, and the hotel had all the amenities!

Best Eats

Aruba is home to some seriously good food! Here's are my must-try eateries!

Image - Linda's Dutch Pancakes
Linda's Dutch Pancakes
Christy:Dutch Pancakes from Lindas area must while in Aruba! The pancakes come in sweet or savory. My personal favorite was the brie, walnut, and honey pancake.
Image - Zeerovers
Christy:Located in the fishing village of Saventa, Zeerover is a small restaurant where you can get delicious, fresh seafood at affordable prices. I recommend trying to the fried fish or jumbo shrimp so you can get a side of Aruban pancakes or fried plantains. Not to mention, you can play games while you wait, and take your food to go!

Wonderguide map

  1. Pelican Adventures
  2. Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino
  3. Conchi
  4. Eagle Beach
  5. Palm Beach
  6. Bugaloe
  7. Mangel Halto
  8. Pier Water Sports
  9. California Lighthouse
  10. Beach Tennis Aruba
  11. Baby Beach
  12. De Palm Tours Aruba
  13. Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino
  14. Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino
  15. Linda's Dutch Pancakes
  16. Zeerovers

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