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We are truly looking forward to your stay with us. We have curated a travel guide to help you plan what to do during your stay. Here you will find a collection of the best experiences, mixed with local insights and helpful tips to make your trip to Iceland truly unforgettable.

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The Golden Circle

It's the Eiffel Tower of Iceland...one of the most popular destinations with 3 primary stops: Þingvellir National Park, Gullfoss and Geysir. But there are so many amazing things to do and see in this area, from Secret Lagoons to snorkeling between 2 tectonic plates...so take a look and see which experience fits you best.

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Hiking 🥾

Breath in the freshest air while you climb your way to unforgettable views. Below are articles about local hikes and links to guided hikes for the more adventurous!

Image - Glymur Waterfall
Glymur Waterfall
Exeter:Only a 45 drive from Reykjavik and a beautiful hike...you'll have to cross the river, so be prepared for sharp rocks on your bare feet.
Image - Esjan
Exeter:Only a 10 minute drive from the center and will give you beautiful views over Reykjavik.
Image - Reykjadalur
The Reykjadalur Hot Spring Hike on Your Own
Exeter:This is my favorite hike! Make sure the trail is open. Bring your bathing suit and towel and be rewarded with a hot river at the top!
Image - Fimmvörðuháls Hike_57354
$ 256
Þórsmörk Hike with a Local Guide
Exeter:I haven't done it, but it looks amazing and it's something I really want to do.

Hot Springs & Swimming Pools

Unwind and let the mineral rich waters work their magic. Below are a few tours where you can hike to natural hot springs, or if you want to combine your soak with visiting some of the highlights. I also included an article about the local pools...as it's a very "locals" thing to do.

Another World

Be utterly transported! These tours and articles will take you to places where you will question whether you are still on planet earth.

Icelandic Horses and wildlife 🐴

They aren't ponies...they are horses. They are resilient and hardy and have great big personalities. There will be lots of opportunities to find horses to take a picture with. I'm not really into whale watching so that's why I haven't put any on my list.

Northern Lights 💚

Seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland is a bucket list item, but it's by no means a sure thing. Weather, solar activity, temperature, light pollution...it will all have effect how you see the lights. That being said your best chance to see it is here in Iceland.

Image - Northern Lights
The Best Time to see the Northern Lights in Iceland
Exeter:A very helpful article


About 11% of the land area of Iceland is covered by glaciers. Below you can choose how you want to experience the glacier....snowmobile, hike, ice climb, super jeep or helicopter...pick your poison, but be sure to pick one!

Local Culture in Reykjavik

This small but mighty country has an incredibly rich cultural heartbeat. Street art decorates the city, the music scene is pulsing (Icelandic rap is amazing...no joke), plus there's the whole vikings thing. So switch up the nature with something from this list.

Car Rentals and Airport Shuttles 🚗

Did you know that Keflavik International Airport is a 45 minute drive from Reykjavik? Here's everything you need to make this easy and seamless!

Image - Airport shuttle image shutterstock
Airport Shuttle Service
Exeter:There are lots of options. The Airport Direct Premium will drop you off right at your doorstep in Reykjavik.

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  2. Glymur Waterfall
  3. Esjan
  4. Þórsmörk Hike with a Local Guide
  5. Inside the Volcano Tour | Free Pickup from Reykjavik
  6. The Cave Explorer
  7. Best of Iceland Tour: Golden Circle, South Coast and Northern Lights
  8. South Coast Classic: Guided in 10 languages
  9. Into the Glacier Classic Tour | Meet on Location
  10. Blue Ice Cave Adventure

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