Eva´s Guide to Iceland

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Eva Kristín Sigurðardóttir

Eva´s Guide to Iceland

My favorite places, activities and food to enjoy in Iceland that I wholeheartedly recommend. Hope my guide will help to make your experience here the best it can possibly be!

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Find the car that will take you on your adventure! Plus articles to help guide you along your way.

Outdoor Adventures

It’s what Iceland does best….choose from a wide variety of top rated tours and experiences that will take you out into the wild Icelandic nature.

Image - Fifteen Waterfalls Around Iceland
The 15 best waterfalls in Iceland
Eva Kristín:The waterfalls here are stunning, I recommend you seeing a handful of them :)

My favorite vegan friendly restaurants

If you want to be kind to the animals and the environment (and yourself) while staying in Iceland there´s a ton of restaurants that offer vegan options. If it doesn´t say on the menu what those are, just ask!

Image - Veganæs
Eva Kristín:This one is all-vegan and offers the best vegan food in Iceland (recommend the burger, 10/10).
Image - Sushi Social
Sushi Social
Image - Hraðlestin
Eva Kristín:Indian vibes, don´t forget the naan.
Image - Íslenska Hamborgarafabrikkan
Íslenska Hamborgarafabrikkan
Eva Kristín:Get the bbq-oumph burger if you´re going here, you won´t regret it.
Image - Bike Cave
Bike Cave
Image - Gló
Eva Kristín:If you want to get yourself a healthy meal after only eating junk food for 5 days straight (I feel), this one is great
Image - Eldsmiðjan
Image - Tokyo sushi
Tokyo sushi
Image - Mandi Reykjavik
Mandi Reykjavik
Eva Kristín:The place most Icelanders go after partying in Reykjavik. Has the best vegan falafel.
Image - Sakebarinn

Vegan ice cream + crepe options

Although we´re know for the cold weather here, it never stops us from getting icecream. Ever.

Image - Brynju ís
Brynju ís
Eva Kristín:Vegan coconut milk ice cream + 3 types of candy of choice = heavenly "bragðarrefur" (how we say candy ice cream shake in Icelandic)
Image - Valdís
Image - Joylato
Eva Kristín:The crepes here are to. die. for.

Seasonal Highlights

Tips about what to do, how to dress and the best experiences to do at the moment.

Off the beaten path

Iceland´s hidden gems

Touristy Things Still Worth Doing

It might be cliché but that’s why we love it!

Image - Golden Circle Classic: Guided in 10 Languages_33078
$ 68
Golden Circle Classic: Guided in 10 Languages
Eva Kristín:The most typical touristy thing to do in Iceland is the Golden Circle. Honestly it´s unnecessary to pay for this tour, just google "Gullfoss" and "Geysir".
Image - Sólheimasandur Plane Wreck
Top 10 Attractions of Iceland
Eva Kristín:STORY

Glacier Experiences

Climb it, hike it, snowmobile on it...choose how you want to experience these slow moving giants of ice and snow.

Hot Springs & Swimming Pools

From navigating your way to hot springs, to how to navigate Icelandic swimming pool culture.

Image - The Great Icelandic Soak-Off: A Potted Guide To Wild Pools
The Great Icelandic Soak-Off: A Potted Guide To Wild Pools

Budget Friendly Experiences

Amazing experiences under $100 and articles on how to stretch your dollar in Iceland

Image - Strokkur
Iceland on a Budget: Reykjavik Travel Guide 2017
Image - Free Things to Do in Reykjavik
10 Free Things To Do In Reykjavik
Image - A Lesson in Kindness While Hitchhiking Through Iceland
A Lesson in Kindness While Hitchhiking Through Iceland

Arts & Culture

From viking legends to modern art, here you get to know the deeper side of Iceland.

Hiking & Trekking

Venture out on your own or be guided on an adventure...find the perfect fit for you!

Image - Five Places Not To Miss Near Myvatn Lake
My 5 top places to see in Myvatn, Iceland
Image - The Laugavegur Trek: All the Information You Need
The Laugavegur Trek: All the Information You Need
Eva Kristín:Hiked here with my family when I was little and 10/10 recommend because of the surreal scenery, but I also recommend to be very well prepared since this hike will take you about four days to finish. This is a must do for hike lovers in the summer.
Image - Highlands
10 things you should know before going hiking in Iceland

South Coast

Heading south you'll find waterfalls, glaciers, beaches, glacier lagoons, mountains, volcanoes and the list goes oooon and on

Westman Islands (Vestmannaeyjar)

Vestmannaeyjar, or the Westman Islands, is a group of around eighteen islands off of the south coast of Iceland.

Image - Eldheimar Volcano Museum
Eldheimar Volcano Museum
Image - Sagnheimar Folk Museum
Sagnheimar Folk Museum
Image - Viking Tours Westman Islands
Viking Tours

For Animal Lovers

Get up close and personal with Icelandic wildlife

Drinks & Nightlife

Local beers, fancy cocktails or places to shake your booty.

Image - Guide To: Reykjavik Nightlife
Guide To: Reykjavik Nightlife

Wonderguide map

  1. Amazing Snowmobile Tour From Gullfoss
  2. Krauma nature bath
  3. Glacier Lagoon Zodiac Tour
  4. Snorkel Between Continents In Silfra | Free Photos
  5. Snowmobiling from Reykjavik - Express Activity Tour
  6. Into the Glacier Classic Tour | Meet on Location
  7. Inside the Volcano Tour | Free Pickup from Reykjavik
  8. Best of Iceland Tour: Golden Circle, South Coast and Northern Lights
  9. Veganæs
  10. Sushi Social
  11. Hraðlestin
  12. Hamborgarabúlla Tómasar
  13. Íslenska Hamborgarafabrikkan
  14. Bike Cave
  15. Gló
  16. Eldsmiðjan
  17. Tokyo sushi
  18. Mandi Reykjavik
  19. Sakebarinn
  20. Brynju ís
  21. Hafís Ísbúðin
  22. Valdís
  23. Joylato
  24. Eldur og Ís - Ice cream and crepes
  25. Þórsmörk Hike with a Local Guide
  26. The Cave Explorer
  27. South Coast Classic: Guided in 10 languages
  28. Blue Ice Cave Adventure
  29. Krauma nature bath
  30. Northern Lights Tour By Bus
  31. South Coast Classic: Guided in 10 languages
  32. A Walk With a Viking
  33. Þórsmörk Hike with a Local Guide
  34. Akureyri - Goðafoss - Lake Mývatn
  35. Best of Iceland Tour: Golden Circle, South Coast and Northern Lights
  36. South Coast Classic: Guided in 10 languages
  37. Puffin Tour from Snæfellsnes Peninsula
  38. Reykjavík Classic Whale Watching

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