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My city is one of the most interesting places in Mexico. Do you love food, Mexican folklore, and historical monuments? This place is for you!

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My Recommendations

Image - Catedral de Puebla
Catedral de Puebla
Lenin:This is a huge historical masterpiece! You will fall in love with all the art and architecture. You better go on Thursday because there are going to be fewer people.
Image - Arena Puebla
Arena Puebla
Lenin:This is one of my favorites places in Puebla. You will have a lot of fun with the wrestling performance show. Is not too expensive, only for 15 dollars, you will get a front-row seat. You should go there if you want to know more about Mexican folklore.
Image - Museo Internacional del Barroco
Museo Internacional del Barroco
Lenin:Amazing place! A lot of art pieces to expent a whole afternoon. This is a modern museum in the city, with some technological gadgets they explain interesting facts about baroque art.
Image - Cemitas Las Poblanitas Del Carmen
Cemitas Las Poblanitas Del Carmen
Lenin:In this place, you can get one of the most typical and delicious dishes of Puebla. Sadly always is going to be crowded. You better go on Wednesday.
Image - Africam Safari
Africam Safari
Lenin:A beautiful place to have fun with family and friends. You can meet a lot of wild animals. The children will love it. You must need to wear a cap because of the sun.
Image - Ecoparque Metropolitano de Puebla
Ecoparque Metropolitano de Puebla
Lenin:This is a big park to enjoy an afternoon. You can ride your bike or bring your dogs with you! Also, there is a café if you want to relax or have a good conversation.
Image - Estrella de Puebla
Estrella de Puebla
Lenin:It's a funny experience! You will get an amazing view of the city!
Image - Parian market
Parian market
Lenin:This is a nice place to buy some typical souvenirs, a lot of them made by hand. Also, you can get typical non-spicy candies!
Image - Black Cat Bones Café
Black Cat Bones Café
Lenin:This is a nice place to spend time with your girlfriend or friends. Is not expensive and the food is tasty. You can also read some books in their little community library and listen to good music.
Image - Tunel Secrets Puebla
Tunel Secrets Puebla
Lenin:This is an interesting place under the city. You will learn a lot about the May 5th battle. I would not recommend it to you if you are claustrophobic.
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  1. Catedral de Puebla
  2. Arena Puebla
  3. Museo Internacional del Barroco
  4. Cemitas Las Poblanitas Del Carmen
  5. Africam Safari
  6. Ecoparque Metropolitano de Puebla
  7. Estrella de Puebla
  8. Parian market
  9. Black Cat Bones Café
  10. Tunel Secrets Puebla

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