El faro de Mazatlan

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Daniel Rivera

El faro de Mazatlan

It has incredible views, it is a quite peaceful place and the waves of the sea produce a great tranquility in addition to the beautiful views it has.

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My Recommendations

Image - El Sinaloense
El Sinaloense
Daniel Rivera:You can try here several of the most traditional dishes; Ceviche de sierra, Fish Tacos and Auachile which is the most popular of the restaurant
Image - La Terraza
La Terraza
Daniel Rivera:The food and staff were great! Music was bumping, and fantastic. Be sure to not go when it's someone's birthday, at first you will be deafened by what sounds like a real helicopter landing on the roof but is just their music turned up to eleven. If you like that sort of thing then great, of course if you are claustrophobic like me, or suffer from epilepsy or just plain can't handle being deafened or a full sensory overload just keep the fact that it's your special day to yourself. Food was amazing still
Image - Varali Grand Hotel
Varali Grand Hotel
Daniel Rivera:Nice hotel, clean rooms !, food service quite good, pool and restaurant are so-so, recommended.
Image - Letras Emblemáticas de Mazatlán
Letras Emblemáticas de Mazatlán
Daniel Rivera:A place that you should definitely visit, it has too nice a view to take pictures.
Image - Los Famosos Mariscos De Mazatlan
Los Famosos Mariscos De Mazatlan
Daniel Rivera:All the food is delicious! It's a nice place and the service excellent
Image - Tacos Jose
Tacos Jose
Daniel Rivera:Great place to dine. The meat is of excellent quality, the tacos are very well served, the seasoning is excellent. In general I highly recommend them. In addition, the price is very good, other similar taquerías on the avenue are more expensive and of lower quality.
Image - Monumento a la Familia
Monumento a la Familia
Daniel Rivera:Very good place to buy souvenirs, take pictures, and eat the different seafood that they sell for an excellent price.
Image - Maracuya Disco Club
Maracuya Disco Club
Daniel Rivera:Great place to have fun or entertain yourself. good price! Very attentive waiters, the music of the place is good and the atmosphere is the same.
Daniel Rivera:A place to eat the traditional tacos.
Image - Tacos Chema
Tacos Chema
Daniel Rivera:Excellent atention delicious as always
Image - A&F Hamburgueseria
A&F Hamburgueseria
Daniel Rivera:The atmosphere of the place very nice, good service and the wings and the bread of the burgers are the best that I have ever tasted
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Wonderguide map

  1. El Sinaloense
  2. La Terraza
  3. Varali Grand Hotel
  4. Letras Emblemáticas de Mazatlán
  5. Los Famosos Mariscos De Mazatlan
  6. Tacos Jose
  7. Monumento a la Familia
  8. Maracuya Disco Club
  10. Tacos Chema
  11. A&F Hamburgueseria

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