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Greetings, welcome to Zadar. If you need some recommendations, feel free to take a look.

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My Recommendations

Image - Foša
Domagoj:The best fish restaurant in Zadar. Little more expensive but worth every penny. Fish is fresh from Adriatic sea.
Image - GUMA Bar
Domagoj:Totally cool place with rock music and not too young guests.
Image - Caffe Bar Kult
Caffe Bar Kult
Domagoj:This is favorite place among young people in Zadar, you'll see lot of modern young locals here.
Image - RIO bar
RIO bar
Image - Cafe 72
Cafe 72
Image - Arheološki muzej Zadar
Arheološki muzej Zadar
Domagoj:If you are interested in archaeological remains from prehistoric, ancient and medieval period, this museum is a great choice.
Image - Museum of Ancient Glass
Museum of Ancient Glass
Domagoj:Great collection of ancient glass with blow glass workshop inside. Modern and interactive museum.
Image - Duke's palace
Duke's palace
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Wonderguide map

  1. Foša
  2. GUMA Bar
  3. Caffe Bar Kult
  4. Caffe Bar Brazil
  5. RIO bar
  6. Cafe 72
  7. Narodni Muzej Zadar
  8. Arheološki muzej Zadar
  9. Museum of Ancient Glass
  10. Duke's palace

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