Dharan - Blessed with the best

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Muskan Saru Magar

Dharan - Blessed with the best

Dharan lies in the eastern Nepal at the very foothills of the Himalayas. I heartly recommend you to visit Dharan to enjoy with the nature in Clean & Green environment. #VisitNepal2020

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Image - Panda Restaurant and Coffee Shop
Panda Restaurant and Coffee Shop
Muskan Saru:After a long trip to visit Dharan, you will be so tired with empty belly, you want to take some rest, foods and a cup of coffee to energize your body. Panda Restaurant and Coffee Shop is the best choice. It is located on Mahendra path,Dharan. Dharan is a clean city welcoming all the new visitors. Thank You.
Image - Tune in 2 karaoke restaurant n bar
Tune in 2 karaoke restaurant n bar
Muskan Saru:With the new concept and idea to entertain the visitors offering Karaoke to tune on, this place is also recommended for those in groups and who would love to sing. It is located on Purna Path, Dharan. Keep Dharan Nea
Image - Budhasubba Temple
Budhasubba Temple
Muskan Saru:Budhasubba Temple is a famous religious shrine of the eastern people which is located at Bijayapur of Dharan, Nepal. The place has a uniquely tip-less bamboo plants. The tips of these bamboos are believed to be broken by slingshot used by Budha Subba. This temple is usually crowded in Saturdays to sacrifices rooster and pigs.
Image - Dantakali Temple
Dantakali Temple
Muskan Saru:Dantakali Temple is a Hindu template situated in a mountainous terrain of Bijayapur in Dharan, Nepal. Dantakali is famous among the Hindus as the place where the sacred teeth of the goddess Satidevi lie. Thousands of devotees come here to worship; mainly for first nine days of Dashain a great crowds of people can be seen.
Image - Pindeshwor Shiva Temple
Pindeshwor Shiva Temple
Muskan Saru:Pindeshwor Temple is situated in Dharan Sub-Municipality in Sunsari District of east Nepal. On every Monday in the month of Shrawan, a large number of devotees from different places come bare foot to pay homage to Lord Shiva with holy water from Koshi River. It is believed that a devotee's wishes will come true if they offer water from Saptakoshi and Koka River in the Barahachetra temple and water from Kaushiki Tat in the Pindeshwor Shivalaya. In the Pindeshwor Temple the oil lamps are kept burning incessantly.
Image - B.P. PARK
Muskan Saru:One of the attractions the Sardu riverbank offers. The bridge over the river amuses many. Similarly, there is BP Memorial Park and Wildlife Diversity Park. Art and sculptures look no less engaging. The bridge over the river is called Flower Bridge due to the way it has been decorated. Children's park is another massive pull for the families. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the park steals the attention of children and their parents.
Image - Shiva Jatta Waterfall
Shiva Jatta Waterfall
Muskan Saru:Shiv jatta is a very famous place for the Hindu religion, lies in east-north side of Dharan, as it represents the divine god Shiva and its view. Many pilgrims visit here every year for worshipping. It is mostly famous for the waterfall that lies there. Hiking and trekking is the best way to reach there as the way is very adventurous and filled with nature. We can hire a tempo(a vehicle) to reach there too but cycling is the best way.
Image - Menyangbo Hotel & B B Q House
Menyangbo Hotel & B B Q House
Muskan Saru:Menyangbo Hotel & BBQ House is not upto that much. It is a full package of fun, entertainment, live band performance everyday, good food, good interior, one hour DJ session, bar, lodging, family environment, cultural and art background, deluxe celebration hall, separate cabins, deluxe rooms, 24 hour room service, pro photography and finally, Hospitality. Thank you.
Image - Dharan Paragliding Station
Dharan Paragliding Station
Muskan Saru:Paragliding has become a popular sport among people who love adventure, and Dharan is no exception. The adventure sport has been attracting an increasing flow of tourists lately in Dharan of Sunsari district. Paragliders are seen flying over the Dharan sky and surrounding areas, including Chinde, Danda, Gorkha Park and Bhedetar. Dharan could become a hub for the adventure sport as an alternative to Pokhara. Thank You.
Image - Bishnupaduka
Muskan Saru:Bishnupaduka is one of the holy places for Hindus. It is situated in the northwest part of Dharan, where the holy river Kokaha originated. Local people found a rock with two clear footprints and it is believed that the footprints are of Lord Vishnu. So the people built a small temple and called it Bishnupaduka temple. This religious place is mentioned on the one hundred and tenth chapter of the Holy book Brahma Purana. It clearly states that Lord Vishnu and Laxmi observed Sharaddha (holy rituals remembering the departed ancestors) of Arsha and other Divine Ancestors. Every year a lot of Hindus from the surrounding area gather here, specially during the month of Paush for the Shraddha of their ancestors. Spritures have accepted this shrine to be older and holier than Gaya of India. Thank You.
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  1. Panda Restaurant and Coffee Shop
  2. Tune in 2 karaoke restaurant n bar
  3. Budhasubba Temple
  4. Dantakali Temple
  5. Pindeshwor Shiva Temple
  6. B.P. PARK
  7. Shiva Jatta Waterfall
  8. Menyangbo Hotel & B B Q House
  9. Dharan Paragliding Station
  10. Bishnupaduka

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