Dhaka in the fast lane

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Nayeemul Islam

A Local's Guide to Dhaka, Bangladesh

From the outside, Dhaka might not seem like the most inviting place. But once you know the places to visit and your way through them, you'll fall in love with it undoubtedly. Here's a local's guide to touring in Dhaka City.

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The Must Visit Places

Image - National Parliament House
National Parliament House
Nayeemul:An architectural masterpiece, the National Parliament House is considered as one of the 20th century's most significant buildings.
Image - University of Dhaka
University of Dhaka
Nayeemul:A historically significant institution- Dhaka University just has a different atmosphere to it. Walk down the gigantic campus and you'll feel it yourself.
Image - Central Shaheed Minar
Central Shaheed Minar
Nayeemul:A national monument to commemorate the lost lives of language martyrs in 1952.
Image - National Martyr's Monument
National Martyr's Monument
Nayeemul:An iconic monument that pays homage to the ones that sacrificed their lives in the great liberation war.
Image - Drik Gallery
Drik Gallery
Nayeemul:A must-visit to quench the art lover inside of you.
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Relive History

Image - Panam City
Panam City
Nayeemul:An ancient historical city located on the outskirt of Dhaka.
Image - Lalbagh Fort
Lalbagh Fort
Nayeemul:Home of the tomb of Pari Bibi, the Lalbagh Fort is a Mughal architectural masterpiece.
Image - Ahsan Manzil Museum
Ahsan Manzil Museum
Nayeemul:The majestic palace of the Nawab of Dhaka. You can see the Buriganga river from it's balcony.
Image - Armenian Church
Armenian Church
Nayeemul:The Church bears testimony to the Armenians that once lived here back in the 18th century

The Local Cuisine

Image - Haji Biriyani
Haji Biriyani
Nayeemul:The most authentic Biryani the city has to offer. The crowd is definitely worth it.
Image - Beauty Lassi
Beauty Lassi
Nayeemul:Cool your tummy with the most famous Lassi and Faluda of Old Town.
Image - Star Kabab & Restaurant Elephant Road
Star Kabab & Restaurant Elephant Road
Nayeemul:Star is a national favorite offering a variety of items that Bangladeshi cuisine has to offer.
Image - Kolkata Kacchi Ghor
Kolkata Kacchi Ghor
Nayeemul:A must-have for every Kacchi Biryani lover!
Image - Royal Restaurant
Royal Restaurant
Nayeemul:Authentic Old Dhaka traditional food at its finest!

Shop Till You Drop

Image - Jamuna Future Park
Jamuna Future Park
Nayeemul:The largest shopping mall in Bangladesh filled with your favorite brands
Image - Dhaka New Market
Dhaka New Market
Nayeemul:A bargainer's paradise- New Market is the oldest market of the country.
Image - Bashundhara City Shopping Complex
Bashundhara City Shopping Complex
Nayeemul:Located at the heart of Dhaka- Bashundhara City is the most popular shopping mall in the city. Here you can find all the popular local brands.
Image - Aarong Banani
Aarong Banani
Nayeemul:The number one lifestyle retailer of the country. Highly recommended for buying handicraft goods.

Wonderguide map

  1. National Parliament House
  2. University of Dhaka
  3. Central Shaheed Minar
  4. National Martyr's Monument
  5. Drik Gallery
  6. Panam City
  7. Lalbagh Fort
  8. Ahsan Manzil Museum
  9. Armenian Church
  10. Haji Biriyani
  11. Beauty Lassi
  12. Star Kabab & Restaurant Elephant Road
  13. Kolkata Kacchi Ghor
  14. Royal Restaurant
  15. Jamuna Future Park
  16. Dhaka New Market
  17. Bashundhara City Shopping Complex
  18. Aarong Banani

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