Derive in Love

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Derive in Love

George and Isabelle drifting through life in love

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Things to do and see Bristol and places to eat

Image - Clifton Suspension Bridge
Clifton Suspension Bridge
Isabelle:Grab a coffee in Clifton Village and walk across the bridge
Image - The Coconut Tree Bristol, Clifton Triangle
The Coconut Tree Bristol, Clifton Triangle
Isabelle:Amazing Sri Lankan food
Image - Harbourside
Isabelle:Take an hour to do the loop around the harbour
Image - Clifton
Image - Ashton Court Estate
Ashton Court Estate
Isabelle:Lovely place for a walk
Image - The Lion
The Lion
Isabelle:Our favourite pub in Bristol. Fairy lights and fire and the best roast dinner
Image - Blackbeard to Banksy
Blackbeard to Banksy
Isabelle:You must see Banksy's work around the city
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  1. Clifton Suspension Bridge
  2. The Coconut Tree Bristol, Clifton Triangle
  3. The Square Club
  4. Brunel's SS Great Britain
  5. Harbourside
  6. Clifton
  7. Open Top Bus Tours Bristol
  8. Ashton Court Estate
  9. The Lion
  10. Blackbeard to Banksy

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