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Welcome to Zadar, here are my recommendations for you.

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Good beaches

Zadar and surrounding area has beautiful beaches you can visit. Of course, I recommend going on Island and explore on your own, but if you don't have time for that, here's a little help

Image - Kolovare Beach
Kolovare Beach
Dejan:Closest to the city center, clean and popular so it can be crowded during the season
Image - plaža uskok zadar
plaža uskok zadar
Dejan:This is the most popular beach in Zadar, it's rocky beach. There is a beach bar for some refreshment.
Image - Beach Bar Bamboo
Beach Bar Bamboo
Dejan:Next to this beach bar is beautiful beach that ofers you good shade under the pines.
Image - Općina Ražanac
Općina Ražanac
Dejan:Ražanac has clean and beautiful sea, and the beaches with the view on mountain Velebit. Priceless.
Image - beach Zaton HR
beach Zaton HR
Dejan:This is the place with not oly beach but also many other contents like pools, toboggans, beach bars and so on. 20 minutes from Zadar.
Image - Kraljičina plaža
Kraljičina plaža
Dejan:Sand beach, 20 minutes from Zadar. Here you have also medicinal mud good for rheumatic problems.
Image - Sakarun
Dejan:The most popular beach in Zadar region. It can be really crowded, but it's really worth visiting. It's one of the rare sand beaches here.
Image - Veli Žal Plaža
Veli Žal Plaža
Dejan:One of the most beautiful beaches in region, on Dugi Island. The only problem is there is no shade here.
Image - beach Lipauska,
beach Lipauska,
Dejan:Beautiful beach in Bibinje, small place near Zadar (5 minutes of driving)
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You came to Zadar and want some adventure?

Image - Tickets Rafting & Kayak Zrmanj
Tickets Rafting & Kayak Zrmanj
Dejan:Beautiful and clean river Zrmanja with small waterfalls is ideal for rafting
Image - Maslenica bridge
Maslenica bridge
Dejan:Maslenica bridge is the only place in Zadar region where you can bungee jump, and the view is awesome.
Image - Paklenica National Park
Paklenica National Park
Dejan:Paklenica NP on moutain Velebit is a good place not only for hiking but also for rock climbing. It's popular all over the Europe.


What are in my opinion good places to eat in Zadar

Image - 4 Kantuna
4 Kantuna
Dejan:Great place in the old center. It has wonderful pizza but also other dishes.
Image - Pizzeria Šime
Pizzeria Šime
Dejan:Outside of city center, in tourist area Borik. It has one of the best pizza in Zadar and prices are not big
Image - Konoba Skoblar
Konoba Skoblar
Dejan:This place has great traditional dishes like lamb or veal cooked under peka (iron lid).
Image - Hedonist dining & hangout
Hedonist dining & hangout
Dejan:If you want a good burger, this place has one of the best.

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  1. Kolovare Beach
  2. plaža uskok zadar
  3. Beach Bar Bamboo
  4. Općina Ražanac
  5. beach Zaton HR
  6. Kraljičina plaža
  7. Sakarun
  8. Veli Žal Plaža
  9. beach Lipauska,
  10. Tickets Rafting & Kayak Zrmanj
  11. Maslenica bridge
  12. Paklenica National Park
  13. 4 Kantuna
  14. Pizzeria Šime
  15. Konoba Skoblar
  16. Hedonist dining & hangout

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