Hidden Gem; Alva Glen

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Danni Gorrian

Our favorite local hidden gems

I've been asked alot about places we visit, so here is a collection of our most recent 😍

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Image - Alva Glen
Alva Glen
Danni:We stumbled across Alva Glen and were blown away by its beauty, the waterfalls and the views at the top are just incredible. Not great for pushchairs or little legs, but definitely one for adventures.
Image - Polkemmet Country Park
Polkemmet Country Park
Danni:We went to Polkemmet Country Park with our friends, as it was half way between here and Glasgow, where they live. It's got a lovely owl sanctuary which is so informative, and lots of play parks!
Image - Cairnie Fruit Farm & Mega Maze
Cairnie Fruit Farm & Mega Maze
Danni:A must visit at Halloween for their pumpkin patch, but also amazing in the summer. Fruit picking and a Huge
Image - Scampers Softplay Ltd
Scampers Softplay Ltd
Danni:This is such a nice softplay, it's small and very clean which is great for tiny ones. Free parking and a reasonable cafe on site, we will be back!
Image - Beveridge Park
Beveridge Park
Danni:Our local park is great in all seasons, play parks, duck pond, a nature area, woodland walk and even an enclosed dog park!
Image - Loch Leven
Loch Leven
Danni:Absolutely stunning views of Scottish scenery. We can't wait to go around the heritage trail when Brodie is older!
Image - Beecraigs Country Park
Beecraigs Country Park
Danni:We LOVED Beecraigs! Such a huge place to explore, and great to see the Highland coos and sheep!
Image - Princes Street Gardens
Princes Street Gardens
Danni:A beautiful place to unwind amongst the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh City Centre.
Image - The Ecology Centre
The Ecology Centre
Danni:The best place to have right on our doorstep, great education for children and adults alike and a beautiful walk. They also sell their hand made creations 😍
Image - Kinghorn Beach
Kinghorn Beach
Danni:Our favorite local beach, never busy and nice soft sand. It's a bit of a trek back up the hill to the car park but it's well worth a trip
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Best local vegan friendly spots

A collection of tried and tested vegan friendly food spots

Image - Loch Leven's Larder
Loch Leven's Larder
Danni:A great range of meal choices for everyone
Image - Duchess of Kirkcaldy
Duchess of Kirkcaldy
Danni:New vegan friendly menu and amazing cocktails
Image - Koku Shi
Koku Shi
Danni:Vegan sushi, what more could you ask for 😍😍😍
Image - The Bakers Field
The Bakers Field
Danni:Best breakfasts & Close to the sea front

Wonderguide map

  1. Alva Glen
  2. Polkemmet Country Park
  3. Cairnie Fruit Farm & Mega Maze
  4. Scampers Softplay Ltd
  5. Beveridge Park
  6. Loch Leven
  7. Beecraigs Country Park
  8. Princes Street Gardens
  9. The Ecology Centre
  10. Kinghorn Beach
  11. Loch Leven's Larder
  12. Duchess of Kirkcaldy
  13. Koku Shi
  14. The Bakers Field

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